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Collection: Odachi


Odachi - Ceremonial Weapon Only for Chosen Ones

Odachi is one of the most stunning Japanese swords ever designed. Do you need a centerpiece for your collection? Odachi sword might be it!

With various hang-forged carbon steel blades, ornamental scabbards, and sophisticated design, the Odachi sword is a true star if you are a Samurai sword collector. 


What is the Odachi Sword?

Odachi means big and long and refers to the strong and mighty weapon samurai wore in battles. Because of its length, it was uncommon to carry Odachi every day. A typical Odachi sword is about three shaku long, which is around 36 inches. 

Historically, some of the most famous Odachi swords featured greater length and the perfect balance between weight, length, and movement agility.

Because of its sophisticated design, Japanese people used the Odachi sword during ceremonies. Samurai in feudal Japan, who valued their swords for their qualities and strength, most commonly used their mesmerizing Odachi swords as offerings.

Nodachi vs. Odachi Sword 

The term Odachi is often mistakenly used interchangeably with Nodachi, but the two have their differences. Nodachi swords have straight or somewhat curved blades, while Odachi features a beautiful, elegant, and curved single-edge blade. 

The blade design between these two determined their use. A straight Nodachi sword is better for stabbing and combating with armor, while a curved Odachi is excellent for cavalry and direct contact with opponents.

Our Collection of Odachi Swords

Crafting an Odachi sword requires a great deal of skill, quality materials, and respect for traditional sword-making techniques. That is what makes our collection so special; the swords are hand-forged and feature some of the most beautiful ornaments on the handle and scabbard, which makes them great for display. 

Owning a real Odachi sword is a must for serious collectors, but they might be more difficult to find than a Katana sword, for example. Our store is a one-stop shop for all Japanese samurai swords, and you'll enjoy browsing through it in the search for your next favorite sword!

Odachi Sword: Pushed Out for Ritual Use and Collections

Odachi swords are too big and inconvenient to use indoors, so martial artists prefer shorter swords like Wakizashi and Tanto for indoor use and keep Odachi swords for open fields. Historically speaking, creating an Odachi sword was expensive because smiths needed large pools of water to shape the blade. Therefore, they focus the sword production on some more accessible and versatile swords, such as Katana. Because of that, Odachi swords are nowadays in great demand. It is always a pleasure to find a quality Odachi.


Is the Yamato an Odachi?

No, Yamato is considered a Nodachi sword but looks like a traditional Katana with gold wrapping and gold details.

 What is the famous Odachi sword?

Norimitsu Odachi is the most famous Odachi because of its size. It is 149 inches long, and it weighs above 30 pounds. It is the longest sword in Japan and was exclusively used for ceremonies and as offerings, not for battles.

Is an Odachi better than a Katana?

Odachi might have deadlier cuts and a longer reach, but Katana is more versatile.