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Collection: Kodachi - Short and Elegant Auxiliary Samurai Weapon

 Did you know that in the 17th century, the samurai were legally required to carry two swords? One was the long sword, commonly Katana, and the second one, the auxiliary sword, often was a Kodachi sword. 

Kodachi means short and comes from the Kamakura period. The size of this sword distinguishes Kodachi from the standard Japanese sword - Tachi. 

The Kodachi sword is shorter than two shaku, traditional Japanese measurement units. In standard units, it means it is between 16 and 24 inches long, which allows it to be carried easily and used in combat. It features a curved, single-edged blade and often a wooden handle.

How Was Kodachi Invented?

Japan was under heavy attack from the Mongols in the Kamakura era, and one-time Japanese warriors were severely outnumbered but managed to beat the Mongol army. 

In the legends, it is believed to be divine intervention, but the truth is that Japanese warriors were well-trained and equipped with powerful weapons. Japanese swordsmiths developed several swords, including Kodachi, to help the samurai fight against the consequent Mongol attack.

Important Features of Kodachi Swords

Between its lethal use in close combat, Kodachi is praised for additional features coming from its size. Its compact size dictates its versatility. While samurai used it as a companion sword to their primary Katana or another long sword, merchants, travelers, or civilians used Kodachi as a self-defense weapon. 

When the government banned the civilians from using long swords, they were left with Kodachi and other short swords for personal use.

Kodachi is slightly curved and lightweight, so a wielder can quickly draw it out and defend or attach it. The sheath for Kodachi swords is often made from wood, and the hilt is metal or cotton.

Kodachi Sword as Collectible Item

You can browse through our collection of Kodachi swords for sale and explore the various details that make items stand out. Check the stainless steel swords, carbon steel masterpieces with traditional Japanese symbols on the handle, and different tsuba options. 

Our swords meet the high functionality of martial artists but also come with pleasing aesthetic features to match the needs and preferences of even the most demanding collectors. 

Kodachi VS Wakizashi

What is the difference between two popular Japanese short swords - Kodachi and Wakizashi? Both are auxiliary weapons and both are short swords. However, Kodachi swords have a set length, below 24 inches. 

On the other hand, Wakizashi swords are custom-made, as a second sword, shorter than Katana, and created to meet the specific wielder's needs based on his weight and height and the primary sword length.


Is Kodachi a Katana?

No, Kodachi is a different sword, used by the samurai as an auxiliary sword and shorter than the standard Katana.

How much does a Kodachi weigh?

Because of its compact size, Kodachi is one of the most lightweight Japanese weapons, weighing less than ten pounds.

What is the difference between a Kodachi and Ninjato?

Samurai used Kodachi swords as a second weapon with their short and curved blade. Ninjas, Japanese covert agents preferred Ninjato, a longer sword with a straight blade.