Katana Swords
Professional sales of real Handmade KATANA in the UK
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Katana Swords

Experience the excellence of our handmade katana swords, created by master experts. Our collection of real Japanese Samurai Swords and Katana is a demonstration of the craft of swordsmanship, offering hand-made, clay-tempered works of art that are lawful in the UK as well as steeped in japan tradition.

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UK Legal Purchase Our Katana

All the katanas we offer for sale are meticulously hand-polished and forged using traditional techniques. This craftsmanship ensures that our samurai swords are legally purchasable in the UK without a license, in accordance with the legal exception introduced in August 2008.

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Samurai Swords UK For SaleSamurai Swords UK For Sale

Own a real samurai sword

Samurai Swords UK For Sale

Whether you're an exquisite collection of authentic Japanese swords, including the Wakizashi, for enthusiasts, collectors, martial artists. our samurai swords are designed to motivate wonderment. From the razor-sharp edges of our battle-ready katana to the remarkable magnificence of our folded steel blades, each piece is a masterpiece of art.


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The Wakizashi is a traditional Japanese Katana sword that holds a unique place in the history Japan. As a symbol of the samurai's status and honor, the Wakizashi was carried as a backup to the Katana, adding to the samurai's arsenal and prestige.