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Collection: Wooden Sword - Perfect For Training and Display

Wooden sword offers similar features as the metal ones regarding balance and movement abilities, but it is unsharpened and used as a training sword. Making a wooden sword, or wooden Katana, as the most common wooden training sword requires a great deal of skills and knowledge to create functional and durable swords.

Let's break down the most important wooden sword features, discuss the martial arts that honor wooden practice swords, and give you more tips on buying wooden swords.

How is a Wooden Sword Made?

Wooden sword typically refers to Katana made for practice, which comes under the name of bokken or waster. Craftworkers usually make them form a single wood piece and cut it to the desired length. Traditionally, Japanese wooden sword is made from red or white oak.

Swords made from white oak were more on the high-end side and considered prestigious. In Japan, biwa and sunuke trees were also used, but ebony, hickory, ironwood, persimmon, and walnuts were popular choices around the world.

Wooden Sword Quick History Review

The wooden samurai sword was invented to be a consumable and cheap practice sword and to provide samurai with good tools to practice their combat skills. In Japan, people refer to this sword as Bokuto.

Gradually, technicians improved its quality, but until the 20th century, wooden sword remained a replaceable item. Then, some of the most skilled craftsmen put more effort into sword making and turned it into a piece of art, comparable to metal swords. 

For a wooden sword to be high quality, functional, and elegant, it takes a unique blend of woodworking skills with martial arts knowledge. Nowadays, wooden swords are equally respected for their practical use, and for their artistic features.

Wooden Practice Sword Today

Wooden swords are popular especially because of their use in Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial art. It is a unique fencing combat art with wooden swords designed to be held with two hands, which highlights some of the principal samurai combat styles. 

Wooden swords for Kendo, sometimes called Kenjutsu, are shaped like Katana and often made from oak. You can sometimes get them in a set with a longer sword and a shorter one to practice more fencing skills.

Wooden Sword for Sale

In our collection, you may find masterpieces and excellent wooden training swords designed to boost your combat skills or look beautiful in your sword collection display. Our swords are constructed from the finest materials and are meant to give value to collectors and martial artists. Explore through our range of colors and pick your wooden sword.


How effective are wooden swords?

Wooden swords lack features such as sharpens and various cutting abilities. Even though they aren't good options for defense or combat, wooden swords can do some damage, too.

What is a wooden sword used for?

Wooden swords have been used for practice throughout history, and nowadays, they are sports props in martial art Kendo.

What are wooden swords called?

Wooden swords are called bokken, bokuto, waster, or training swords.