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Collection: Ninjato - The Most Mysterious Sword Ever


The Ninjato sword comes from Japan, and it is almost equally popular as Katana. It was featured in movies and TV shows, but there are a few historical discrepancies related to the authentic Ninjato sword. The blade, the handle, the use, the history, the construction technique - everything makes the Ninjato attractive and intriguing! 

People collect the Ninjato sword, use it for practice, or admire it for its features, construction, and connection to Japan's covert agents, notorious ninjas.

Our Ninjato guide will cover:

  • What is Ninjato sword, and why should you have in your collection

  • Ninjato sword's mysterious history

  • Historical point in Ninjato's sword background

  • Ninjato sword for sale - features and benefits to consider

What is a Ninjato Sword?

Ninjato sword is also known as Ninjaken and Shinobigatana. As the latest name suggests, it was the weapon of choice of Shinobis, or ninjas in Japan. Modern portrayals of the Japanese warriors connected to the Ninjato sword, show the sword on their back at waist height. 

Ninjato Sword Through the History and Mystery

People assume that Ninjato was used in feudal Japan, but interestingly, there is no physical evidence to support such a claim. The historical evidence for Katana, Chokuto, and other swords is obvious and convincing, but with Ninjato, the situation is a bit different.  

With confidence, historians can only suggest that Ninjato was used in the 20th century. Here is a timeline of Ninjato sword throughout the history:

  • First photo - In the 1950s, in a Japanese booklet.,a picture of what we call Ninjato today appeared

  • Museum appearance - In the 1960s, the Ninja Igaryu museum featured a replica of the Ninjato sword

  • Movie - In the 1960s, Japanese cinematography started to feature Ninjato swords in their movies

  • International recognition - In the 1970s, Ninja swords gained recognition in the USA and throughout the world

  • Hollywood appearance - In the 1980s, Ninjato Sword appeared in Hollywood movies and tv NBC TV shows - Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, and NBC tv show The Master

After that, Ninjato sword slowly became a part of Japan's cultural value, not as much as Katana, but people loved it too. They also used it for martial arts practice, collections, movie props, etc. What's more, sword makers perfected the sword, so it has an attractive design and exceptional performance.

Ninjato Sword Appearance

Overall, Ninjato has a simple design. It is a classical short sword, with a simple square guard. The typical blade was shorter than 23 inches long. Unlike other Japanese swords, Ninjato has a straight, heavy, and somewhat thick blade. 

Ninjato lacks the elegance other Japanese swords have, which weapon enthusiasts believe is because of the sword makers. Interestingly, Katana, Odachi, and other swords were made by expert sword makers who perfected their techniques. Ninjas had to forge their blade, so the straight swords were easier to create. 

They didn't understand much of the refined sword-forging techniques, but they did a pretty good job of creating lethal weapons.

Another believes that the Ninjato sword is short and straight to look like the sword from Fudo Myo-oh, a patron of ninja families. His sword was short and straight and looked a lot like Chokuto.

Typical Ninjato swords feature a long handle, called a tsuka. The handguard or tsuba was simple and lacked the decoration seen on other swords. The benefit of such a simplistic design of the entire sword, allows Ninjas to use the sword with one hand, so the other hand is ready for attack and defense. 

Ninjato Swords Benefits Compared to Other Swords

Ninjato may not be as sophisticated as some other swords or have outstanding artistic work on the handguard, but it was a practical weapon with a lot of benefits. 

The Short Blade

Shorter swords have a shorter reach, which is meaningful on the battlefield. In real combat, on one, and those made in close space, short blades are quicker to draw and handle. A wielder of the shorter blade has leverage for surprise attacks and sudden assassination. 

It makes it better suited for different combat styles than Katana.

Good for Travelling

Ninjato swords aren't bulky, so the warriors could easily carry the swords with them undetected. Having a sword by their side all the time was important for self-defense.

Martial Arts Versatility

Ninjato is a versatile sword, which has been seen in many martial arts. Through the decades, martial artists developed sword-specific techniques to explore the lethal power of the Ninjato sword to its full potential. 

Ninjato Scabbard

Like other elements of the Ninjato sword, the scabbard was simple. It is also called saya, and Ninjato sword often came with a plain scabbard without decoration. The scabbard came with a matching cord, so ninjas could wear the sword differently, and include more weapons with it. Some may use spears and daggers with it. 

Typically, ninja would wear a strap on the left side, with the sword on the back. But, if they suspected they would need to draw the sword quickly, ninjas moved the sword to their sides.

But, for ninjas, scabbard was more than a sword cover. They pieced holes and added pockets to carry explosives, blinding power, or similar things. 

Some suggest that scabbards help ninjas breathe underwater, because of the convenient tubular shape. A lot of belief in scabbards lies in the mysterious legends of ninjas. Therefore, some even suggested ninjas used scabbards as improvised blowguns to blow poison into their opponents.

Additional Scabbard Use

For ninjas, scabbard was an essential part of the sword. They also practice using a scabbard as a defense item, while wielding the sword for attacks. Because the scabbard was resilient, they might have also used it to move objects and make their path clear while moving through bushes.

Ninjas used scabbard in various ways to distract opponents. While these couldn't actually hurt an enemy, it could confuse them enough for ninjas to use the sword to finish them off.

Skilled ninjas also used scabbard as a grappling hook with its long cord.

Ninjato vs Katana

Ninjato and Katana are often compared for their cutting force and features. Let's take a close look at both swords to see how they differ:

Blade shape

Katana has a curved shape, longer than Ninjato. Katana has better cutting power and is more suitable for slashing attacks. On the other hand, Ninjato is better for quick attacks in closer space.


Katanas often have circular tsuba or hand guard, while Ninjato features square or rectangular. Both have similar performance and are designed to protect the wielder's hand.

Ninjato Vs Katana for Combat

The winner between the two swords depends on the wielder's skills and combat circumstances. While Katana may be more convenient for the user, Ninjato serves as a utility sword and has more versatile use.


Ninjato, whether historical or fictional blade, often comes without ornaments or decorations. On the other hand, the Katana sword was heavily decorated, especially when it was designed for ceremonial purposes or to showcase the rank and status of the wielder. Common ornaments on Katanas were Japanese folklore motifs, nature elements, and mythical creatures, like dragons.

Our Collection

Embrace the practical features and mystic background with our collection of Ninjato swords for sale! Browse through quality swords made from premium materials and with the design featured in historic booklets, movies, and shows.

Which one is your favorite? Treat yourself to the Ninjato sword for sale and enjoy improving your martial arts practice with our products. 

Key Takeaways

Short, straight, and simple, a Ninjato sword is a popular element in Japanese and Hollywood movies about Ninjas. It might be the youngest Japanese sword, because of the lack of evidence to support its existence before the 20th century. 

But, one thing is for sure, whether you are a martial artist, collector, or just someone with a growing interest in weapons, our store will become an oasis! With Ninjato and other swords for sale, you'll have something to choose from!


How long should a Ninjato be?

While there aren't rules about the Ninjato blade length, the majority of examples suggest it should be under 23 inches, more specifically 19 inches. Ninjato counts as a short sword, so it matches the description.

Is Ninjato a good weapon?

Ninjato is a practical sword with plenty of uses. The warrior can use it for sword fencing, cutting, sudden attacks, self-defense, etc. Moreover, ninjas used the sword with scabbard in different ways, to defeat or confuse the opponent.

What is the real name of Ninjato?

Ninjanto is often called Shinobigatana or Ninjaken.

What is the Ninjato sword used for?

Because of its shape and blade length, warriors used Ninjato for slashing, but also thrusting or stabbing. It was a common assassination weapon because the compact size and convenient scabbard allowed the user to draw it quickly.

When was the Ninjato sword invented?

According to historical evidence, the Ninjato sword has been in use since the 20th. There is no physical evidence that a short and straight sword, like Ninjato, existed before, but the expert opinion on this is inconclusive.