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Katana is one of the most iconic swords ever made. The sword gained respect from warriors and smiths around the world for its elegant and functional design and the durability and symbolism it carries.

What has been known as the weapon of choice of the premium military group of feudal Japan, now represents the entire historical time period and bears cultural and social values of that time.

A real Japanese Katana is a masterpiece, and these aren't easy to find in sword shops. You can browse through our selection to search for your next original Katana that will be a standout piece in your collection.

But, first, let's take a look at the pieces of this sword-rich history.

Real Katana History

Did you know that the term Katana was first introduced in the Kamakura period, around the 13th century? But, overall, Katana swords have a history that stretches over 20 centuries, as a weapon of Japanese warriors. 

The predecessors of modern Katana were noticed around the 7th century, during the Heian period, but the original design changed over the centuries.

The samurai warriors popularized Katana because, at the beginning of their formation, the close combat nature changed. At that point, warriors strived for fast movements and quick response times, which Katana allowed them. Typically, Katana is kept in a scabbard or sheath and is suitable for carrying on the waist.

How are Authentic Japanese Katanas Made?

Each swordsman has a unique style of forging swords, but there are several steps required for a quality sword. Once the steel is forged, the smith needs to blend the soft core with a hard outer layer and form the final sword shape. 

Then, the smith moves on with additional blade straightening, and flattening, and applies clay to create a pattern on the cutting edge. The final steps are heat treatment to complete the hamon, warps correction, and engraving or carving grooves to reduce the blade weight.

Our Selection

Real Katanas in our shop are made following the traditional methods. You may get your hands on authentic or antique Japanese Katanas or admire the modern Katanas made to truly represent the genuine Katana swords several centuries old.


When you get an original Katana, a matter of proper maintenance becomes highly significant to preserve its look and functionality. The most important step is to keep the Katana away from moisture and to regularly apply layers of protective coating to prevent rust.


How much is a real Katana?

Antique Katanas several centuries old cost up to several thousand dollars,  or their price is not even publicly available because they are part of museums or private collections. Modern Katanas, but made with traditional sword-making techniques cost less.

What is the oldest Katana?

Hishizukuri uchigatana is considered the oldest Katana the world knows of, and it dates from the Nanbokucho period. 

Do katanas hold their value?

Authentic and modern Katanas made from high-quality materials, with or without historical significance hold their values, as long as they are well-maintained. Moreover, the value of some swords even increases over time, which makes a Katana investment for the future.