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Collection: Odachi Sword - Extra-Long Superior Sword


If you want to dive into the dynamic and bloody history of Japanese swords, you may want to start with Odachi swords. The Odachi sword deserves your respect and admiration for its functionality and appearance.

Odachi swords are an important part of Japan's history. These swords have suffered various changes in design, to match the needs for the weapon tailored to the combat styles. 

Odachi is often mixed with another Japanese sword called Nodachi, but the two have slight differences. Odachi is longer than Nodachi, whose blade is around 35 inches. 

Odachi Blade

Odachi translates as a large or great sword and has a 39-inch long blade. The sword has a slightly curved blade, similar to Katana but much longer. Because it is such a long blade, Odachi wasn't suited for personal defense or close combat. 

The sword was used on the battlefield, but more often, it was a ceremonial weapon and displayed for its beautiful appearance. Moreover, Odachis were heavy and bulky, and only a skilled, strong, and experienced warrior could use them. Moreover, the Odachi sword is impossible to hang on the waist, so it complicates its use. 

Most warriors used Odachi for horizontal slashing and cutting in the downward direction.

Before Odachi, some warriors used the Naginata sword with a long handle, but men who wanted to show honor, high class, and exceptional strength preferred the Odachi sword. 

What is Odachi Made From?

Traditionally, swordmakers used tamahagane steel to build these swords. What made the sword different was the soft core with a tough outer, and the combination ensured the sword was safe from breakage under heavy pressure. 

Nowadays, you can find excellent Odachi swords made from high carbon steel and Damascus steel with a variety of hamon patterns which makes every sword unique. 

What is the Odachi Sword Used For Today?

Japanese sword Odachi is the top choice for tameshigiri martial art cutting practice, LARP, and cosplay. For training purposes, you might get away with bamboo Odachi, if you want a gem for your collection, get a carbon steel Odachi sword.

Odachi Sword for Sale

Our collection of authentic Odachi swords, hand-forged and made from high-quality materials will pass the test of time. With our great selection of colors and sword details, you will find something for you. A long and heavy Odachi sword looks best when displayed on the matching stand!


Is Odachi better than Katana?

In the duel Odachi sword vs Katana, the winner would depend on the wielder. Katana is better at close combat and allows fast and flexible movements, while Odachi is praised for brute force and long reach.

Why is Odachi so big?

Odachi was designed specifically for longer reach and against cavalry, which is why it is so long.

Were Odachi used on horseback?

Yes, warriors often used Odachi on horseback, but also as ceremonial weapons and offerings to gods. The length of the sword made it almost impossible for warriors to carry the swords on their waists, but they could do it on the horses.