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Collection: Zoro Katana - Which One Will You Choose


Did you know who carries the name of The Greatest Swordsman? It is a character from the popular manga and franchise One Piece, best known for his incredible swords and amazing fencing skills - Roronoa Zoro.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular Zoro swords and the two others, their abilities, and the features of quality Zoro sword replicas for sale.

What are Zoro Katanas?

Before he developed such incredible wielding skills at the beginning of the series used two unnamed Katanas and a Wado Ichimonji sword, which is his favorite sword of all time. Throughout the series, he obtains several swords of different quality and grade. 

Are you familiar with all One Piece Zoro Katana names? Here is a list of the most popular Roronoa Zoro swords.

Wado Ichimonji

Wado Ichimonji is made by Shimotsuki Kozaburo and Zoro isn't his first wielder. It is one of the most elegant One Piece swords, with a stunning white sheath, white hilt, and circular guard with white wrapping.

Sandai Kitetsu III

Sandai Kietsu III was crafted by the famous Kozuki Sikizaki and the sword is believed to be cursed. However, Zoro beats the curse and conquers this sword, known for its sharpness and bloodthirst.

The sword is a standard curved Katana with a white edge. It features an attractive blue hamon in the shape of a flame.


A long One Piece Katana Zoro with a stunning black handle and cross-shaped guard is Yubashiri. Overall, Zoro's Yubashiri is lightweight and attractive with black lacquered sheath and gold details.

Enma Sword

Enma sword is the most powerful sword of all Zoro's swords, with the power to draw Haki from the wielder. But, Roronoa Zoro proved to be stronger than a sword and turned it into his strongest weapon.

Shusui Sword

Shusui sword is a black blade with a white hamon, but in the anime the hamon is purple. The sword has a flower-shaped tsuba and a simple sheath made of black silk.

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Katana for Sale

You may look for a set of Zoro swords if you want to have them all or pick an individual replica. Pick 40 or 41-inch-long Katanas made from heavy-duty materials or bamboo swords for training.

All the Zoro swords are beautiful and allow the wielder to grasp the Zoro's unparalleled dedication and strength, so they are a great gift to yourself or a friend. Their beauty goes beyond the Manga world! 


What is the best sword for Zoro?

Zoro's three swords are Wado Ichimonji, Enma, and Shusui. Wado sword has the most important significance for Zoro, but Emna might be the strongest.

Where can I buy a Katana Zoro in a One Piece game?

Online stores, such as ours, are good places to find quality replicas of Zoro swords in One Piece.

Is Enma better than Shusui?

Enma is the most powerful sword, so it is stronger than Shusui. Enma's power depends on the wielder, which is why Roronoa makes it the strongest sword.