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Collection: Tanjiro Sword


Tanjiro Sword - The Most Popular Demon Slayer Sword Ever

Tanjiro is a character from the most-sold manga series in the last year, and the popularity of his weapon exploded over time! The remarkable popularity has to do something with an attractive plot, dynamic characters, outstanding swords, and release consistency!  

Among all swords from this manga series, the lead character Tanjiro Kamado's Nichirin Katana is the most searched for! 

Tanjiro Sword

The sword is black with flame-shaped tsuba and exceptional strength in killing demons! 

Tanjiro Sword Manga Background

In the Demon Slayer manga, Tanjiro has a Nichrin sword, which turns black. It is a special feature these Nichirin blades have, to alter and represent the personality of the wielder. Tanjiro is kind and moral but with strong principles. 

His Katana is black, but it has never been directly addressed. Fans speculate that the sword is black because Tanjiro, like other Demon slayers, is most likely to die young.

Tanjiro Sword For Your Collection

You may look for a Tanjiro sword to compliment your Demon Slayer swords collection, or as an individual piece. Whatever your reasons are, it can get frustrating getting a quality replica of this sword. It also makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your friends and family who are part of this manga fandom.

Tanjiro Swords

Here is what to look for if you want a Tanjiro sword:

  • Material - pick Damascus steel or high carbon blades over cheap plastic or useless, rust-prone stainless steel.

  • Design - the replica should represent the manga sword to every last detail - 41-inch long, decorated, flame-shaped tsuba with orange border, black blade 

  • Sword type - The Tanjiro sword is a typical Katana with the standard shape and blade thickness

  • Hilt with an adjustable - distinctive cherished pattern to increase the grip and ergonomic design

  • Sheath with a strap for carrying - made from durable wood

  • Customization - Demon slayer swords are engraved with the words - Destroyer of Demons once they reach the highest rank. Tanjiro has never reached that rank so his sword is without writing. But, customization can be an extra touch you can add to keep your Tanjiro sword unique and personal

  • License - If you want a cosplay prop, a plastic Katana based on Tanjiro sword features, stick with officially licensed items. 

  • High-quality Tanjiro swords are typically designed to be displayed as decorative items but can be used for minor cutting.

Individual Purchase or Part of The Set? 

If you are a true manga lover, you shouldn't risk cheap sets and deals, that include other Demon Slayer swords. The hand-forged Tanjiro blade is of great value for manga fandom and an outstanding collection piece because of its attractive sword features. 


Is Tanjiro's sword rare?

Tanjiro sword is one of the popular swords from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga. But, high-quality replicas can be difficult to track down.

Why is Tanjiro's sword black?

Black Demon Slayer swords are rare, and the manga creators have never revealed the exact reason behind the black blade color.

How to display Tanjiro's sword?

You can display it like any other Katana, with the blade facing upwards, as additional protection.