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Collection: Demon Slayer Sword - Katana Swords with Powers and Meanings


Kimetsy no Yaiba: Demon Slayer has conquered the One Piece and Chainsaw Man mangas, and is now the best-selling manga series in the last year. Television adaptation of the manga has also achieved great success! Fans and critics agree that the characters are dynamic, and the dialogue and the plot line are excellent.

Demon Slayer swords are essential elements of the complex story and fan-favorite prop. Our store offers high-quality Demon Slayer sword replicas for your collection and a tangible connection to your favorite characters. 

This article will cover:

  • Demon Slayer origin and history

  • Unique features of each sword

  • Our collection

  • Factors to consider when buying Demon Slayer sword replicas

Demon Slayer Swords Origin in Manga

The author of the manga, Koyoharu Gotouge, made the swords almost as important as the demon slayers. Demon slayers are a group of warriors dedicated to protecting humanity from human-eating demons. On their quest, most of the demon slayers choose Katana as their primary choice. 

Once they complete the demon slayer corps training, they get their swords. 

Nichirin Blades

Demon slayer swords are also called Nichirin blades, and their origin is explained in certain manga chapters. Nichirin translates as sun or solar ring, and represents the unique ability of these swords to absorb sunlight. Because of the sunlight absorption, Nichirin swords are able to cut through demons effectively and kill them.

All swords are constructed from Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Ore. The material provides the blades with the ability to change color. Moreover, each blade is unique and adapts to the wielder's unique Breathing style. 

Breathing style refers to the swordsmanship techniques that demon slayers practice in combat. It is also what gives the blades unique powers and features. 

There are up to 14 Breathing styles featured in Demon Slayer manga, but five of them represent natural elements such as Water, Thunder, Stone, Wind, and Flame, all of them derived from the primary Breathing style - Sun.

Demon Slayer Sword Maker 

Hotary Haganezuka is a demon slayer sword maker, who also repairs them when they get damaged in combat.

Demon Slayer Swords' Colors and Meanings

Nichirin swords differ in more than just color and special features. Let's take a quick look at the demon slayer sword colors so you can make an informed decision when buying your manga memorabilia!

Black Demon Slayer Sword

The black sword represents the Sun's breathing style, and it is the rarest demon slayer sword, and the most powerful one. Tanjiro, the series protagonist, wields the black Nichirin sword.

Blue Demon Slayer  Sword

Giyu Tomioka’s sword is blue, and it stands for water breathing style. The wielder is calm, so the sword represents its primary personality traits. The sword is a standard Katana with a pretty white handle and hexagonal tsuba.

Yellow Demon Slayer Sword 

In Demon Slayer, Zenitsu wields yellow Katana. His breathing technique is thunder, so the sword has thunder on the blade.

Red Demon Slayer Sword

Kyojuro Rengoku’s Red-Orange sword is one of the most popular Demon Slayer swords. It has an attractive appearance and reflects Rengoku's flame breathing technique. The vivid colors on the sword and the flame pattern on the blade make this blade especially attractive.

White Demon Slayer  Sword

Muichiro Tokito wields a standard Katana with an elegant, white blade and a mist-breathing style. The orange details on the handle make an attractive contrast, so Tokito blades are popular among collectors and fandom.

Green Demon Slayer Sword

Sanemi Shinazugawa is Wind Hashira, with a green sword, modified to stand for wind breathing style. Despite its typical shape and size, the green sword is unpredictable and strong as the storm!

Pink Demon Slayer  Sword

Kanao Tsuyuri wields light-pink Katana and has a flower-breathing style. The delicate sword color doesn't affect its strength and ability to cut through demons.

Special Swords in the Manga

Some swords aren't identified by their colors. They feature atypical shapes and have special characteristics because of it.

Dual Swords

Inosuke wields a unique sword shape with two parallel blades and boar details. The sword is light blue and grey and reflects the wilderness of Inosuke's personality. Interestingly, when Inosuke got his swords, those were two sharp blades. Then, he used rocks to make a unique dual sword.

Stinger Sword

The stinger sword wielded by Shinobu Kocho is a violet. Because of her lower strength, she uses her sword to inject lethal poison into demons.

Dual Cleavers

The charming Tengen Uzui demon slayer uses dual cleavers as his weapon of choice. The weapon is heavy, orange in color and reflects Tengen's sound breathing style.

Whip Sword

Mitsuri Kanroji’s Demon Slayer sword is vivid pink and extremely flexible. Therefore, it appears as a whip sword and features high-level movement and a love breathing style.

Twisted Sword

Iguro has a serpent-breathing style and an extraordinary twisted sword in an attractive lavender color. It looks like Kris sword from Indonesia, but it is shorter.

Kokushibo is a demon, who wielded standard Katana before he turned into a demon. As a demon, Kokushibo uses a flesh sword made of his flesh and blood and a sword that can grow side branches. 

Other Demon Slayer Weapons

Even though swords are the most important weapons in the fight against demons, the manga also features several more weapon types, also connected to the breathing techniques.

For example, Gyomei Himejima uses a Nichirin axe, and Gyomei is potentially the strongest Hashira. Tengen Uzui uses explosive beads, in addition to his sword. Genya Shinazugawa cannot use breathing methods so he developed an alternative way of killing demons - with a shotgun.

Demon Slayer Sword Features

The swords featured in Demon Slayer manga have unique capabilities including:

Extraordinary strength 

Because they are made from Nichirin, Demon Slayer swords are strong and they don't break easily. The wielders can use their sword to cut through almost anything, including tough materials and demons.


The swords on their own are fast, and combined with the wielders' physical abilities, they become even faster.


Most Demon Slayer swords are Katanas with long blades, which give them excellent range and leverage in combat.


The swords feature excellent balance and weight distribution, optimal weight which ensures the user can make precise attacks.

How to Pick Demon Slayer Sword for Your Collection

True fans need to have them all, but choosing your first demon slayer sword is a fun decision. Do you go for a protagonist sword, or do you pick the sword from your favorite color? Maybe you like some characters over the other? 

Collecting a demon slayer sword is a great hobby and here are factors to consider when choosing the best Demon Slayer sword replica for your collection.


Is the blade the exact representation of a manga or anime sword? There are some differences in how particular swords were described in manga chapters versus how they were brought to the screen. Look for details and specific ornaments that make each Demon Slayer sword stand out.

Inspect if the blade has inscriptions like real Demon Slayer swords and compare the tsuba and wrappings with the anime swords before you decide.

Blade Quality

Pick swords made from carbon steel or other sword material to ensure durability. You can decide whether you want a dull blade or a battle-ready sword.

Consider Budget

You get what you pay for - quality blades may cost you slightly more, but you pay for the craftsmanship skills, excellent attention to detail, and adherence to genuine swords from manga. Moreover, the blade material determines the price. 

Demon Slayer Swords Collection 

Explore our Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer collection with high-quality replicas that include the very essence of the manga, which makes them suitable for fans and collectors. 


With their unique, attractive, and powerful swords, Tanjiro and his companions fight demons, but you can join them, by owning a piece of the manga! Colorful swords, quality blades, and authentic details on the handles, inscriptions, and extraordinary features, step into the world of Demon Slayer swords!


What sword is considered the rarest in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer?

Black sword, like the one Tanjiro and Yoriichi, is the rarest in the Demon Slayer corps. It represents sun breathing style, but the sword is often connected with demon slayers who die young in their unselfish battle against human-eating demons.

How many swords does Tanjiro have?

In Demon Slayer manga, Tanjiro gets one sword, a black Nichirin Katana once he becomes a part of the Demon Slayer corps. After he loses that sword, Tanjiro obtains a new one.

Which is the most powerful blade in Demon Slayer?

Distinguishing swords based on their features and strength is challenging because each Demon Slayer sword is unique and connected to its wielder. Moreover, when connected with the wielder's unique capabilities, the swords become powerful weapons. But, a rough sword comparison suggests that the black sword is impressively strong.

Is Nichirin a real material?

No, Demon Slayer swords are made from fictional metal that can be found on the tallest metal, closest to the sun. That way, metal probed a lot of sunlight light, which gave it abilities to kill demons.