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Collection: Tang Dao Sword - Elegant Single-Edge Blade


Tang Dao is a famous Tang Dynasty sword used by soldiers, warriors, and martial arts practitioners. Overall, even though some other sword types replaced it, Tang Dao sword-shaped Chinese sword-making techniques and martial arts. 

His popularity among historians, weapon enthusiasts, and collectors doesn't decrease. What's more, the Chinese Tang Dao sword is a respected weapon and a valuable item in every collection.

Tang Dynasty Dao Sword Appearance

Tang Dao sword features a single-edge straight blade, designed to deliver precise strikes and lethal cuts. Sometimes, these swords had a slightly curved design as well. The Tang Dao hilt consists of tsuba and pommel, which were decorated with the symbols of the Tang dynasty. 

The richer the ornaments on the guard were, the higher the status of the wielder. The sword also had an impeccable balance and excellent weight distribution which made it a formidable weapon in the arms of skillful wielders.

History of Tang Dao Sword

The time period ruled by the Tang Dynasty in China, from 618 to 907, is often referred to as the Golden Age of Chinese civilization with prosperity and development in all areas. An important factor was military expansion, which relied on strategy and quality weapons such as the Tang Dao sword.

Because of the progress in metallurgy and craftsmanship, Tang Gao developed as a quintessential weapon. During the Tang dynasty, martial arts flourished in China and the sword played an essential role.

Famous Tang Dao swords were associated with exceptional warriors and their battle success. For example, Guan Yu's Green Dragon Crescent blade and Moon-crossing Tang Dao sword wielded by Li Shimin, a famous military strategist were among the swords with the most historic significance.

Significance of Tang Dao Today

As a weapon, Tang Dao is an important testimony to Chinese history, their warriors, and sword artisans. The most distinctive symbolism of the Chinese Tang Dao sword is representing the power and spirit of ancient Chinese martial arts. 

Tang Dao Sword for Sale

Are you a collector or sword enthusiast? Our real sword Tang Dao replicas allow you to win a piece of rich Chinese history blended with martial arts tradition.

Authentic design and high craftsmanship skills are key values of our sword. Accurate reproduction of swords during the Tand Dynasty period is made with excellent attention to detail and from high-quality materials.

Battle-ready functional pieces are practical for traditional martial arts training, while the ones with dull blades make beautiful decor, on their own or as part of the larger collection.


What is the Tang Dao sword used for?

During the Tang dynasty in China, warriors used Tang Dao swords for battles. The alternative use is for ceremonies. 

Is Tang Dao the Same as the Dao sword?

No, Dao is a term that refers to various Chinese swords, and Tang Dao is a specific sword used during the Tang Dynasty.

How Long is the Tang Dao Sword?

A typical Tang Dao sword is around 40 inches long, with a blade range of 28 to 32 inches.