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The Perfect Balance in Samurai Sword with Strong and Flexible Blades

What is the secret behind the samurai sword, and why is it one of the most iconic weapons from ancient times? Are you just starting your martial arts journey, or are you hooked on collecting swords? 

Whatever it is, this article will be helpful, as you will learn more about different samurai swords, their unique and admirable characteristics, a tip or two for samurai's sword collectors and a sword buying guide, and more about our samurai swords for sale.

samurai sword

The Magnificent World of Samurai Swords 

Japanese military nobility samurai were respected for their integrity, skills, and their weapons - iconic swords. These swords feature razor-sharp steel blades, often curved with a single edge. 

Their golden era of samurai swordsmanship started in the 8th century CE and lasted for centuries. During that time, samurai swords were lethal weapons for their cutting capabilities and family heirlooms for their artistic appearance and refined handiwork.

There are many types of samurai swords, based on their significant features such as blade shape and length, proportion between blade and handle, tsuba or guard shape, use, etc. Here is the list of the most recognizable samurai swords:

  • Katana

  • Kodachi

  • Naginata

  • Chokutō

  • Tachi

  • Uchigatana

  • Tanto

  • Wakizashi

  • Odachi

  • Nodachi

  • Tsurgi

  • Nagamaki

  • Ninjato

Samurai Sword Buying Guide

The price range of samurai swords is extensive, and if you are a beginner, you might get confused. To get the best bang for your buck, opt for mid-priced samurai swords, as they give you good value, and are close to genuine samurai swords. If you are a committed sword collector, investing money into masterpiece Japanese swords for your collectors is a good idea. The pieces will increase their value over time and give you the satisfaction of owning an authentic samurai sword, or at least a hand-crafted sword based on original Japanese sword-making skills and expertise.

Here are a few tips on buying samurai swords:

  • Stay away from cheap sets - they are usually worthless and low-quality

  • Read store and manufacturer reviews before you buy a sword 

  • Pick swords made from tempered carbon steel and avoid stainless steel

  • Opt for swords with full tang

  • Weight tells you all - stay away from light swords, weighing under 3 pounds

Our Samurai Swords for Sale

Our online collection of samurai swords features swords with exceptional intrinsic value and are appreciated for their beauty and similarities to authentic Samurai swords back from the Edo period. You can browse through various swords, with different lengths and blade types, as well as ornamental features. 

There is also an option for personalized engraving service so your swords can carry a meaningful message or any other mark meaningful to you. 


How much do real samurai swords cost?

Katana and other authentic samurai swords with blood on their blades cost $3.000 and up. The rarest sword items from the samurai period cost up to $200.000 or more.

What is a samurai sword called?

Katana, Dai, or Daisho are terms used for Samurai swords.

Are samurai swords illegal?

Owning a katana or other samurai swords isn't illegal for adults. Minors, however, aren't allowed to possess a weapon.