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Collection: Saber Sword


Saber Sword - Widely Known Weapon Around the World 

A saber sword or sabre, which is another language variation used in different English-speaking areas, is one of the most widely used swords in medieval times. It features a long, often curved blade with excellent hand protection. 

Before we give an insight into our saber sword collection, here is what you will learn:

  • Saber history and use

  • Different saber types

  • The price range for collectors

  • Martial arts use 

    Saber Sword

Saber Sword Origin

This curved sword comes from Central Asia, and many historians believe that Turks and Mongols have spread it across Europe in their conquest quest. The Saber sword was often used by warriors on horseback and was very popular from the 13th to 18th century. In the latest century, the saber got a ceremonial role and became a sports prop.

Saber Designs Across the World

Many nations developed their unique saber blade. China's saber, for example, is called Dao, has a moderate curve, and can be wide or narrow.

Kilij is a Turkish version of a saber with a deep curve and a false edge. Other variations are Indian Talwar, Persian Shamshir, and Russian Shashka. Multiple European armies used an attractive saber variation, called hanger. It was a short curved blade designed to be carried on the belt. 

All the mentioned sabers were single-edge versions.

Modern sport saber is called fencing saber and is light and flexible. The blade is shaped like a letter V and has a crescent-shaped guard. Sabre fencing is a popular sword, where the tip of the saber plays an important role in scoring points.

How Much is a Premium Saber Sword?

Saber swords are a must-have for weapon collectors, and the price range is wide. Cheap saber swords made from poor materials and with tacky guards and sheats, might cost you less than $100, even less than $50. However, for a quality sword, with hand-forged manufacturing and great attention to detail, carefully designed sheat, and handguard, you'll have to pay from $200 to $500. But, the most expensive swords cost significantly sword. One of the most expensive medieval weapons, the Bao Teng saber from the 18th century is worth 7,7 million dollars, and its value has increased over time.

Our Collection

Dive into the world of elegant and timeless medieval swords with single-edge and curved blades. Admire the beautiful; details on the handle and customize your top picks with our engraving service. Get your hands on high-quality, durable, and fascinating saber swords that make every sword collector's dream come true!


Is Katana a Saber?

Katana is often mistakenly considered a saber, because of its long, curved blade. The primary difference is in the hand protection. Saber is a hand sword with excellent hand protection, while Katana is designed to be used with two hands and doesn't have hand protection features.

How effective is the saber sword?

Saber sword is great for cutting and thrusting and offers excellent hand protection, which is always a plus in sword-type combat.

What is the most famous saber?

Pirate's Saber sword is now considered the most famous saber because it is featured in the video game Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Historically, John Le Marchant's saber from the end of the 18th century is a famous and widely used saber sword.