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Collection: Rengoku Sword


Rengoku Sword - A Gem for Manga Lovers

For those fascinated with the Demon Slayer manga series and Blox Fruits, a game based on the corresponding One Piece series, a version of a Rengoku sword is a must-have for their collection and personal satisfaction!

The Rengoku sword is fascinating on many levels, and the game players need a hidden key to obtain this lethal sword. This legendary sword can be used in the Second Sea, and a player can get the key once they defeat the Awakened Ice Admiral. The alternative is to defeat Snow Lurker NPCs or the Arctic Warrior. But enough about the game. How does a version of the Rengoku sword look in real life and can you get it for yourself? 

Rengoku Sword

How Does the Rengoku Sword Look?

First of all, the famous Rengoku sword belongs to Kyojuro Rengoku, a character from the manga Demon Slayer World with unmatched warrior skills and a superior sword. The popular Demon Slayer sword has a distinctive tsuba with a colorful combination of yellow, orange, and black. Those are believed to stand for unique Kyojuro personality traits, such as high passion and strength.

Adding to the sword's allure is its exquisitely crafted alloy tsuba, shaped like a roaring flame. The tsuba features a striking combination of yellow and black at its core, surrounded by a vibrant orange border. This design element embodies Rengoku's fiery passion and indomitable spirit, making it a fitting centerpiece for this remarkable sword.

The blade is razor-sharp and 37.4 inches long. 

Get Your Hands on Your Rengoku Sword

Pick blades made from carbon steel have a full tang and a decorative handle. You can find leather wrapping and excellent replicas of the real Rengoku sword, designed to look like a flame. 

Our Rengoku sword collection is not only a prop or a cosplay item; it is a respectable addition to the imagination and manga world with excellent features, high functionality, and incredible sword-making skills. 

If any of your loved ones are true manga fans, getting them a perfect Rengoku sword as a present is a great idea! The swords are also beautiful to display, either as part of a larger collection or on their own.


What is the size of the Rengoku Sword?

A typical replica of a Rengoku sword is between 37 and 40 inches long, with a blade that is 0.25 inches thick. 

Handle Length: 10.375 in. Overall Length: 39.25 in. Blade Length: 28.5 in. Blade Thickness: 0.25 in.

Is the Rengoku sword a katana?

Yes, the Rengoku sword is a standard-sized katana with unique flame-like details.

Does Rengoku's sword break?

Spoiler Alert:

Rengoku's sword suffered damage because the wielder was weakened.

Why is Rengoku's blade red?

Kyojuro Rengoku carried the Nichirin blade in the manga universe Demon Slayer, and the blade was red. The red color stands for flame, and many fans appreciated this vibrant symbolism. Other Nichirin blades also come in different colors, with black being the strongest. Each color represents a different thing.