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Collection: Real Samurai Armor - Flexible, Protective and Unique


The samurai were skilled and well-equipped warriors of feudal Japan, with strong moral codes and formidable swords. Moreover, real samurai armor, also called yoroi and gusoku, ensured they stayed protected from swords, arrows, and spears while remaining flexible on the battlefield. It took a great deal of artistry and craftsmanship to create traditional real samurai armor that helped the samurai become so famous.

Let's explore the history, features, and samurai armor legacy.

Genuine Samurai Armor Features

Samurai armor requires several materials for construction, including leather, iron, silk, and lacquered wood. Materials are chosen for their features, such as durability, aesthetics, and low weight. 

The primary armor element is do or cuirass, created to protect the torso and vital organs. The cuirass consists of metal or leather plates, which allow the samurai to move freely.

The most recognizable part of samurai armor's real pieces is a helmet or kabuto. It is often bowl-shaped and has beautiful decorations. Sometimes, a neck guard or shikoro is included, and it is also made from leather or metal plates.

Additional elements of armor are shoulder guards, arm and thigh guards, and shin guards. The primary benefit of samurai armor is the way the protective plates are connected. Silk or leather cord keeps the condition in place, and allows great flexibility and comfort for the wearer.

History of Samurai Armor

Even though some sort of armor was present in ancient Japan, traces of complete samurai armor emerged in the Heian period. At that time, advanced features, such as helmets and arm guards are incorporated. Over time, the armor design changed a bit, but the primary features - protectiveness and flexibility remained the focus of armor constructors.

In the Edo period, samurai armors were seen as functional pieces praised for their aesthetic appearance, too. Each armor had a distinctive style and attractive details.

Real Samurai Armor For Your Collection

Find real samurai armor for sale for your collection or authentic cosplay. Quality armor made to represent the authentic ones fully, allows you to time-travel back in ancient Japan when samurai warriors were respected for their discipline and skills. Even though the samurai eventually suffered a decline, their legacy remained. 

When choosing your samurai armor, educate yourself on different periods and styles to find the one that matches your preferences. You will also be able to spot the subtle details on materials and plate connections.


What materials are used for samurai armor?

Leather and metal plates are connected with silk or leather cords, while lacquered wood is used for helmets and bodyguard parts. 

What do symbols on samurai armor mean?

Motives on samurai armor were symbols from nature, Japanese folklore, and mythology. They represented the status and rank of the warrior and many believed that specific decoration symbols protect the wearer and reflect the spiritual belief of Japan.

How did the samurai repair armor?

Samurai armor required occasional maintenance, to clean and repair loose parts and damaged bindings. Samurai also 

needed to oil certain armor parts to prevent rust and corrosion.