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What makes the Ninja Sword so special is its mysterious history and the features opposite of samurai swords. While samurai swords were prestigious weapons, made from the highest quality materials, such as high-carbon steel, ninja swords were more accessible, less quality but equally deadly. 

Making a samurai sword took time and was expensive, but ninja swords were made in less time. The swordsmiths of ninja swords didn't have the resources or knowledge to create better swords, but they are still great weapons and part of today's martial arts equipment and collectibles. 

Ninja Real Sword - Features

Overall, each ninja sword was shorter than a typical Japanese samurai sword with a length of around 24 inches. The design of the ninja sword made it excellent for stabbing and close combat. 

Types of Ninja Swords

Ninjato is a typical sword used by ninjas. But, these covert agents also fought with kunai knives, shorter blades, and yari, the spear-like thin sword designed to attack an enemy on the horse.


An interesting fact about Ninjato swords is the lack of physical evidence to support their existence before the 20th century. Still, they are part of Japanese culture and folklore, just as some other weapons with more solid evidence of existence.

Ninjato has a 24 or 23-inch long, single-edge and full-tang blade. The sword guard was exceptionally long and a plain, often black scabbard.

Kunai Blade

Kunai knives were stabbing and thrusting weapons with short and narrow blades. Typical kunai is between 8 and 12 inches long and has a ring on the pommel.


Yari is a straight, thin, and spear-like sword, used by ninjas and other warriors for stabbing. Some yaris were made from the same quality materials like Katana sword, but you could also find cheaper variants with the same purpose. 

Our Collection

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Ninja training swords are often made from polypropylene and they are far better quality than cheap ninja sword toys you can get in the props store.  

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As you browse through the collection of ninja swords for sale, some of the most popular swords, like ninja or shinobi gatana may catch your eye


What sword did ninjas actually use?

Most historians believe that ninjas used Ninjatō, a short sword with a straight or curved edge.

How did ninjas wear their swords?

Ninjas wore their swords at the left hip, just like the samurai. The alternative is to wear the sword on the back to allow them to move in tight spaces or crawl.

Can ninjas use Katanas?

Yes, when they have a chance, ninjas also use Katana and other quality weapons. However, some ninjas made their weapons so they stick with less complex swords, and daggers.