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Collection: Naginata


Naginata  - The Ultimate Elegant Japanese Sword

If you are looking for a Japanese sword with unprecedented elegance, you will be mesmerized by the sophisticated design of naginata, a type of Japanese polearm sword. A direct translation of naginata refers to a reaping sword or a sword that moves down with its long and precise blade. 

Did you know the naginata blade can be up to three feet long? Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating Japanese blade with a wooden handle. 

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Origin of Naginata

Even though historians may disagree on the origin of the naginata, they all believe it was a primary weapon of Japanese nobility from the 10th century. The swordsman artist from Japan designed naginata to allow close-up and distant fight, and deadly to cavalry and enemy warriors. 

Next, the naginata is the signature weapon of female onna musha warriors until it becomes the ultimate female weapon, carried by stay-at-home women and used for home and children protection. 

The Naginata sword fascinates many weapon collectors with its rich history and attachment to the female spirit, and not much has changed in the design since Naginata was used for the first time. 

Naginata Today 

If you are interested in Naginata sword to improve your collection, you are in the right place. But you should also know that Naginata is nowadays used to teach martial arts warriors respect, self-confidence, elegance, and control. By practicing Japanese combat styles, especially Naginata, warriors increase their discipline and focus, two much-needed attributes in the modern age. 

Also, Naginata symbolizes integrity and chivalry, so it makes a remarkable present for friends and family members you admire.

Our Naginata Collection

Traditional Naginata sword features a carefully crafted, razor-sharp blade that mounts on a long shaft for perfect balance. The blade has a slight curve, almost like a classic full-size katana, but it is wider. 

Therefore, Naginata has a larger cutting surface and a refined aesthetic because of the long handle and corresponding blade.

Our collection features some genuine masterpieces, made with classical, hand-forging techniques from premium, high-carbon steel. If you are looking for a Naginata for sale, prepare to be mesmerized by the perfect weight, design, and agility of this weapon. 

Different Types of Naginata Swords Types

Naginata is a very popular and respected Japanese sword, and over time, several sword variations emerged. All of them showcase the honorable craftsmanship and core values of the Japanese warriors who carried them. 

Here is a quick breakdown of Naginata swords, some may be available in our store:


Konaginata is a shorter version of traditional Naginata, with the handle and blade being almost the same size - around 30 inches. Because it is on the shorter side, Konaginata isn't used as much as some other types. 

In addition, traditional Konaginata swords are difficult to find and many weapon collectors struggle to track them down. 


Oppositely, Onaginata is a longer version of already long swords with a maximum length of almost ten feet. In the past, Japanese warriors relied on Onaginata in crowded battlefields because they were long and had extended reach. 

However, because of its size, Onaginata is significantly heavier than a typical sword and requires a strong warrior to carry. 

Double-edged Naginata

Double-edged Naginata is used in performance acts by Japanese monks and not in battles. It features two blades on both sides of the handle and is also rare to find for individual collections.