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Collection: Ming Dao Sword - Another Superior Artefact of the Ming Dynasty


Ming Dao sword was popular during the Ming Dynasty period, around 1600. Ming Dao incorporated all elements of Chinese swordmaking techniques, martial arts practice, and military purpose into versatile and elegant swords.

Most quality replicas of Ming Dao swords are made from high-carbon steel and have quality scabbards.

Let's take a closer look at the Ming Dao sword, its features, and its historical significance.

Ming Dao Swords History

The Ming dynasty was on the throne from 1346 to 1644, and the period is known as cultural renascence and a period of innovation and martial arts progress in China. During this prosperous era, Ming Dao swords were perfected as examples of advanced craftsmanship and martial arts application.

During the Ming Dynasty, swords became synonymous with martial art dedication, and refined aesthetics, like many other things like trade, literature, and porcelain.

What Does Ming Dao Sword Look Like?

Ming Dao swords reflect the refined aesthetic of the Ming Dynasty and feature elegant and functional designs. The blade is straight, double-edge, and razor sharp. Most blades were slender, but sometimes smiths create robust blades for special purposes. What makes the Ming Dao sword stand out is the design of the hilt and guard. 

These sword parts often had beautiful embellishments, which represented the attention to detail of the artisans of the Ming Dynasty. Most common symbols were from nature or mythology, but you could also find intricate designs with historical themes. The scabbard wasn't only for blade protection. During the Ming Dynasty, scabbard served as an additional canvas for decoration and artistic expression.

Famous Ming Dao Sword Throughout History

There are several legendary Ming Dao swords, known across Chinese culture and among weapon enthusiasts. These swords were famous warriors and rulers of the Ming Dynasty famous for their skills and formidable swords.

Longquan Ming Dao, according to the legend, was the sword of Qi Jiguang, and in legends, the sword stands for honor and skills. Baoying Ming Dao, wielded by emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, is known as a Ming Dao masterpiece with stunning decorations and exceptional blades.

Ming Dao Sword for Sale

If you want to deepen your understanding of Chinese culture, collecting Ming Dao swords is a good way to start. Not only is collecting swords from the Ming Dynasty a fun hobby, but it is also a potentially profitable one since the swords don't lose value. 

Browse through our collection and find yourself a quality sword to stand as a testament to Chinese culture and craftsmanship.


How is the Ming Dao sword different from other Chinese swords?

The Ming Dao sword has a straight, double-edge blade, while most other Chinese swords have single-edge slightly curved blades.

Who used the Ming Dao sword?

Military troops of the Ming Dao dynasty used Ming Dao swords.

Is Ming Dao sword better than Jian?

Jian allows fast and precise cuts, while Ming Dao is more robust in cutting. The sword's superiority depends on the combat situation and wielder skills.