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Collection: Guandao


Guandao ingenuous Chinese Polearm

Chinese weapon Guandao features a distinctive, asymmetrical design and is more of a polearm, than a typical sword. His power lies in the design which looks similar to the Japanese sword Naginata. The blade is broad and features a sharp spike at the backside.


Here is what this page will cover:

  • Guandao origin, design, variations 

  • Guandao considerations for martial arts

  • Popular Guandao weapons across the movie, manga, and gaming industry

Guandao: Rich History & Legends

Guandao is believed to have been used by a Chinese general with the same name around the 3rd century AD. Thanks to its massive strength, only this particular brave and powerful general was worthy and capable of carrying such a fascinating sword. Even though there aren't historic proofs that generally used a polearm like this, it became one of the most empowering legends in China culture. 

History first mentions the polearm design like what we call Guandao today in the 11th century.

Some historians argue that Guandao wasn't designed for the battlefield, but to test the skill and strength of the warrior that carried it. Whatever the reason is, modern collectors are always happy to include quality replicas of Guandao, because there is no sword or ancient weapon like that.

Ancient Vs Modern Guandao

Ancient writings state that Guandao was tremendously heavy, between 44 and 110 pounds! Modern Guandao isn't that heavy, but it still requires considerable physical strength and skills to be used in martial arts. You can find Guandao polearms weighing between 4.4 and 22 pounds. It has 3 feet long wood shaft, and 18 inch long blade on one side with a mace head on the other hand. 

The design resembles the traditional look of Guandao, and the lower weight doesn't compromise the quality and perfect balance of this ancient weapon. In total, Guandao can be between 5 and 6 feet long and is common in Wushu practice.

Famous Guandao Swords

Did you know that General Ouki from the manga series Kingdom uses Guandao as his weapon of choice? Next, Guandao is featured in Avatar: The Last Airbender, a fantasy television series, now available on Netflix. One of the Rough Rhinos wields this powerful blade. It is also seen in one of the seasons of Power Rangers, and several games such as Warframe and For Honor.

Our Collection

The attractive design of Guandao inspires swordsmiths to this day, so you can find high-quality, hand-forged pieces made from carbon steel. You can customize your Guandao with engraving and find pieces with decorated shafts and ornamental fittings.


Is Guandao a sword?

Guandao is a Chinese weapon, a polearm, originally called Yanyuedao, and widely used in Chinese martial arts and history.

Was the Guandao a good weapon?

Yes, Guandao was an excellent weapon because it allowed the wielder to sweep greatly and chop. Because of its versatile use, Guandao is used in various Chinese martial arts.

Is Guandao a glaive?

A glaive is a European weapon with a similar shape to a Chinese polearm guandao, with a spiked blade.