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Collection: Dragon Sword - Beautiful Video Game Sword For Display and Use

Dragon sword is a must-have prop for all Ninja Gaiden game players. This adventure video game features one of the most beautiful weapons in the games - a true Dragonsword that keeps the protagonist Ryu Hayabusa safe and strong against evil! 

The Dragon Sword Background

Dragon sword is made from the ancient dragon fang, which is how it got the name, and there is nothing more powerful than it in the video game.

In essence, the Dragon sword is the Japanese Katana with its razor-sharp and sturdy blade. In the game, the Dragon sword is passed down to wielders in the next Dragon Lineage’s heir. The trick is that only the descendant of the Dragon Lineage bloodline can carry this sword. The game protagonist Ryu Hayabusa took the sword from his father, while he was absent. 

Even though Ryu was an excellent wielder, he couldn't harness the sword's power to its maximum potential before the father officially gave the sword to him. Once Ryu proved to be worthy of wielding the Dragon sword, his father officially handed this sacred blade to him.

What Does a Dragon Sword Look Like?

The Dragon sword is a Katana with a curved blade and ray skin wrapping on Tsuka. The sword saya comes with an attractive black matte finish and the fittings are copper.

Most Dragon Sword replicas are around 42 inches long, but if you order a custom-made Dragon Sword you can ask for a different length. On average, the blade length is 27,5 inches with a full tang.

Dragon Sword For A Display

Because of its attractive look and contrast between red wrapping and black scabbard, you can also display your Dragon Sword in the scabbard. If you get a carbon steel blade, it will have double benefits and protect the blade from rusting. 

However, some manufacturers offer a matching stand so you can display the sword open and allow your visitors to admire the hand-forged blade with attractive details. 

If you are looking for a cheaper video game prop, you can order stainless steel swords, but the detailing won't be as authentic as if you order from a trusted store with high-quality swords. 

Quality replicas are functional for cutting tests, martial arts practice, and cutting tameshigiri and bamboo. 

Dragon Sword Price Range

Dragon Sword's price range is extensive. You can get cheap plastic swords that resemble the one from the video game for $20, while some hand-made swords from carbon steel and fascinating details cost up to several thousand dollars. 


Is the Dragon Sword the Katana?

Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden game carries a Dragon sword, which is the Japanese Katana.

How are Dragon Sword and the true Dragon Sword different?

True Dragon Sword is the most powerful weapon in video games, with the genuine power of an ancient dragon in the blade.

How to get true Dragon Sword Ninja Gaiden sigma?

Once a player gets to Chapter 11, his sword transforms into the True Dragon sword automatically.