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Collection: Double Edge Sword


Double Edge Sword - A Tribute to The Past

In Japan, the swordsmanship of a double-edged sword is the next level of artistry and skill! The most famous Japanese sword with two edges is the tsurgi or ken, and it features a lethal, razor-sharp straight blade. It was about 39 inches long. But what is the history of this appealing sword design? What does it stand for? Do people still value its quality and performance? 

Double Edge Sword

Let's find out.

Tradition of Double-Edged Swords in Japan

Double-edged swords in Japan were made and used mostly from the 5th to the 10th centuries. The majority of these swords were made from bronze and used as weapons. But, after that, katanas and other more practical and cheaper swords. replaced double-edged swords as weapons. Instead, these unique blades were only used in Buddhist temples as offerings.


Nowadays, when something is said to be a double-edged sword, it means that it comes with both positive and negative aspects. But it wasn't like that in the past. In Japan, swordsmiths often experimented with the typical designs of the most popular samurai swords and created different versions. 

So, you may come across a double-edged Katana or some other well-known, used, and respected sword. These swords embody the samurai code in their powerful structure and represent loyalty, commitment, exceptional combat skills, and discipline. 

The swords that served as offerings were usually made from old spearheads. During their visits to temples, swordsmiths would give their double-edged swords as an offering. They are to be distinguished from vajra, another ritual Buddhist object, which may have the shape of a thunderbolt and two sharp sides.

Double Edged Sword Today 

However, the truth is that there aren't as many benefits to double-edged Katana or other sword types. These attractive blades are nowadays used as displays, and their lethal capabilities are no longer considered. 

Double-edged swords are often made from Damascus steel, with an octagonal blade shape and attractive details. Their starting price can be higher than that of single-edged swords because they require more sharpening and blade maintenance on both sides. 

Because they are easier to break than one-edge swords and more challenging to maintain, some people may skip them from their collection. But owning a hand-forged Japanese double-edged sword has its charms.

Double Edge Sword For Sale

Find double-edged swords with a sleek design, excellent cutting, and different combat styles. Our swords feature the perfect balance and often have a precise octagonal blade shape, which adds to their appearance and longevity. Because of the chosen shape, the double-edged sword becomes more contact-resistant and has additional strength.


What are the disadvantages of a double edged sword?

Double edge sword is easier to break in contact with other blades and requires more maintenance and skills to be made.

How effective is a double edged sword?

Compared to a single edged sword, a double edged one is a better thruster and more lethal when used for stabbing.

Is a double edge sword better?

A double edged blade is prone to breakage in contact with other swords because the strength of the blade is compromised by double sharpening.