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Collection: Demon Slayer Sword

Demon Slayer Sword - A Piece of Fascinating Manga in Your Collection

Manga fandom knows how special the demon slayer sword is, but it doesn't hurt to emphasize several features of this legendary weapon! From demon slayer sword toys to real deals - we'll talk about it all!

But, first, who are Demon Slayers, and why should you know about them?

Demon Slayer Sword At A Glance

Manga lovers know Kimetsu no Yaiba to its core, as it is one of the most popular manga series. The author Koyohary Gotouge created this highly interesting character teenager Tanjiro Kamado, and it is his sword that we all love so much! Tanjiro wants to become a demon slayer and join the group of elite warriors capable of killing demons with their special swords.

These swords absorb different powers and can cut magic, but their force depends on the wielder! Apart from Tanjiro, there are several more characters with attractive swords - Muichiro, Zenitzu, Inosuke, Obanai, etc.


Demon slayer sword is called Nichirin sword because it is made of special materials, Scarlet Crimson iron sand and ore. It is essentially a typical Japanese Katana, but it has colorful details. 

Demon slayer swords can absorb sunlight, sound, moonlight, flame, thunder, wind, stone, flowers, insects, or other things from nature. Depending on what the sword has absorbed the blade changes its color. For example, Tanjiro's sword is black, and Muichiro carries Sky Blye Demon's slayer sword.

Demon Slayer Sword Replicas

The Internet is full of cheap and plastic toys created to represent the Demon Slayer sword, but the work is poorly done. Some of them are not even good for children's cosplay with their plastic parts looking not even nearly like a true Demon Slayer sword should look.

But, the only thing that these toys have close to the real deal is the length. Demon Slayer sword is 41 inches long, and so are these plastic varieties. They come in different colors to represent different wielders and their features.

Choose Wisely Your Demon Slayer Sword Replica

Pick handmade, unique blades made from high carbon steel, hand-sharpened and polished. Look for authentic details on Tsuba to get more connection to the manga. For example, if you wish to get your hands on a Tanjiro sword, the flame-shaped tsuba should have a black core with yellow and orange details. Don't skip the handle-wrapping inspection! Ideally, pick leather wrapping and hardwood saya to get a more authentic samurai effect. 

When created well, the Demon Slayer sword replica works like a functional sword and looks great in the collection.


What is the Slayer sword called?

Slayer swords are Nichirin swords and standard 41-inch Katanas. Their wielders are warriors dedicated to killing demons, as a central plot in the manga Kimetsu no Yaiba

Which is the strongest sword in Demon Slayer?

Dual Indigo Nichirin swords carried by Inosuke demon slayer are unmatched for their strength. 

Can you buy a Demon Slayer katana?

Yes, some shops sell demon slayer sword replicas, whether as a mini version or a full-sized samurai sword.