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Collection: Dao Sword - Chinese Single-Edge Blade

Sometimes legends of Chinese warriors, today most-wanted collectibles among weapon collectors, Chinese Dao sword and its variations are a must of martial arts like Wushu, Kung Fu, Tai chi, and similar Chinese martial arts. 

Let's dive into the impressive world of the prominent Chinese Dao sword, and explore its quality types, such as the Miao Dao sword, Qing Dao sword, and dual Dao sword. You'll also learn:

  • What makes a good Dao sword and its origin

  • How is the Dao sword created 

  • Chinese Dao Sword background

Chinese Dao Sword - Insights into Ominous History

The Dao sword is a single-edge sword originating from the Shang Dynasty period, It was heavily used alongside the Jian sword, gun, and spear. The Dao sword is sometimes referred to as the Dao sabre or saber, because of its curved blade, which looks similar to sabre sword. 

However, some Dao swords are straight, and both variants, straight and curved, are designed for slashing and chopping. In the hands of a skilled welder, the Dao sword is deadly because of its long reach and brutal use on the battlefield. 

Over time, the sword has embraced all single-edged Chinese swords under its name. The Dao sword is popular with Chinese martial arts schools to practice self-defense techniques.

Making of Dao Sword

The first Dao sword was made from bronze cast. Chinese swordsmiths explored other metals to make the Dao more versatile, firm, and cheaper to make and introduced iron or steel as the primary Dao sword material. 

Today, craftworkers use Damascus steel to build long-lasting Dao swords, but spring steel and stainless steel are also popular materials. Stainless steel swords are not a good option if you seek functionality from your swords. These are only good for decoration. Spring steel and Damascus steel swords are excellent options for functional weapons.

Dao Swords To Consider for Your Collection

Anime fandom respects the dual Dao sword featured in the popular series The Last Airbender, and over the years, its collectible value has increased. These Twin Dao swords are difficult to find and a true gem, whether you plan to practice with them or expose them as decoration.

On the other hand, the Mio Dao sword is a two-handed sword with a flexible and thin blade. It can be longer than a traditional Dao sword, with a maximum length of 3 ft. 

Qing Dao sword is more of a knife because it is shorter with an average length of 30 inches. Chinese military forces used these knives vastly. Today, you can find some beautiful pieces with Chinese symbols on alloy and hand-crafted handles.


Does Dao mean sword?

Dao refers to the longer and larger sword in the Chinese language, but it can also be understood as a knife or sword knife.

Is dao better than katana?

The two swords are quite different. Katana is more versatile and better in close combat, while the Dao sword has extensive reach and is unmatched on the battlefield.

What is the difference between a Dao and a Jian sword?

Jian is a double-edge sword with a straignt blade. Chinese warriors used it for stabbing, while Dao was used for cutting and slashing with its single-edge blade.