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Collection: Chokuto Sword - Chokuto Sword - Straight-Blade Sword with Exceptional Power


Ancient Japanese warriors used an elegant sword with a straight single-edge blade, called Chokuto. Historians agree that Chokuto sword was one of the primary weapons in Japan from the 1st to the 8th century, heavily influenced by Chinese and Korean sword design.

Here is the breakdown of the most important features and historical milestones of the Chokuto sword.

Real Chokuto Sword Background 

The literal translation of the Japanese word Chokutō is straight sword. These simply designed swords were suitable for combat on foot, and not on horseback, like some swords with longer blades. 

The Chokuto sword length is between 24 and 36 inches, so it is great for stabbing and slashing.

Because of the convenient design, Japanese warriors could comfortably wear their Chokuto swords on their waist and have them ready in case of unexpected attacks. 

Before the curved sword invention, people also called these straight swords Tachi before the 9th century. However, don't mix these swords with curved Tachi swords invented later, in the Japanese language the spelling is different, but the English pronunciation is the same.

Types of Chokuto Swords

In the early era of Chokuto sword production, there were several variations, with some being heavily influenced by Chinese sword-making styles. Kanto-tachi, for example, is a Chokuto sword with a handle decorated with a dragon or phoenix. 

The fist-shaped ornaments were popular details for Japanese Chokuto swords called Kabutsuchi-tachi. On the other hand, Rokkaku-sotoken swords had deer antler ornaments.

The Chokuto Blade

Typical Chokuto used the hira-zukuri blade style, which refers to the blade without a ridge and two flat sides. 

The alternative was kiriha-zukuri tsukurikomi from the Heian period. These blades had a straight blade with a straight guard and cross-section shaped like a diamond.

Chokuto evolved into different types of Japanese swords. However, it is still an important historical item in Japanese history, and some of the replicas, such as black Chokuto are among the most sophisticated swords for collection.

Chokuto Sword for Sale 

Our collection of Chokuto swords pays tribute to the early history of Japanese sword-making skills, which combine elegance with functionality. Our high-quality swords with beautiful handles are made from the finest materials.

The swords were designed for cutting and thrusting and will be an excellent addition to your historical collection of ancient swords and weapons. Each item features a perfect balance to give you the control you seek and make you time travel to Japan before the 9th century and the invention of other popular Japanese swords.


Is a Chokuto better than a Katana?

Chokuto vs Katana: The two swords had different purposes. The straight Chokuto sword was used as a thrusting sword, and the curved blade on Katana was ideal for slashing.

Did the samurai use Chokuto?

In the Heian period, the samurai used transitional swords, something between Chokuto and Tachi, until they switched to Tachi completely.

Is Sasuke's sword a chokuto?

Yes, Sasuke's sword in the manga Naruto is a classical Chokuto - a straight sword designed for thrusting.