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Collection: Broadsword


Broadsword - Collector, Warrior and Athlete's Favorite Medieval Sword 

Characterized by their massive, double-edge blades, broadswords were at the peak of their popularity between the 17th and 19th centuries. Similar to other versatile sword types, broadswords suffered different modifications in various parts of the world but were mostly used by English and Scottish military forces.

Nowadays, the broadsword is an English term that describes a sword two to three inches wide at the base with a double edge and a basket-style handguard. That is why these deadly swords are called basket-hilted swords. 


This article will teach you:

  • More about the broadsword's distinctive features

  • Their history and variations

  • The use of broadswords around the world in different martial arts

  • Swords to include in your collection

What Does Broadsword Look like?

Typically, a broadsword is around 36 to 40 inches long, with a flat blade, sharp on both sides. That way, wielders used broadswords to cut or slash their enemies, and these swords were extremely dangerous, especially in the hands of skilled warriors. 

The handguard design protected the hand well, and it allowed the user better freedom of movement, which is useful for double-edged swords.

History of Broadswords

Some historians believe that broadswords have their roots in German battlefields from the 11th century. But, the broadsword we know today, gained immense popularity in the 17th century during the English Civil War. 

Chinese Broadswords

A very popular variant of a broadsword is the Chinese version, called the Dao. It looks similar to a saber sword, but the blade is much wider. The blade is thick and wide, suitable for slashing and chopping. 

Chinese broadsword is a popular sport prop in different martial arts, wushu, tai chi, and kung fu. 

How to Choose a Chinese Broadsword for Training?

Technical specifications for choosing Chinese broadswords depend on your height in most cases. For example, if you are an adult taller than 5.7 feet, you'll need a blade that is between 28 and 29 inches long. Children practicing martial arts should rarely pick blades longer than 26 inches, but the technical specifications may vary from club to club.

Consider blade flexibility, too. Only experienced Wu shu warriors are skilled enough to handle flexible blades with a 360-degree twist. 

Semi-flexible blade is suitable for slow movements and beginners, and a rigid blade is excellent for collectors. However, senior athletes with exceptional skills also prefer rigid blades.

Broadswords for Your Collection

The most popular broadswords in collectors' circles are Chinese Dao, English basket-hilted, and Scottish Claymore. The weapon enthusiasts adore the Schiavona, a broadsword version used by Oliver Cromwell.

In addition, collectors focused on Asian weapons and appreciated the version of the Dao sword - anmao, liuye, pian, and niuweidao with a different curves on the blade.


What are broadswords good for?

Broadswords are perfect for slashing and pell-mell battle combat.

Is collecting swords worth it?

Collecting swords is a fun hobby and rewarding for people who appreciate historic artisan skills. If you get your hands on something rare or antique, the value of your collection will increase.

Did knights use broadswords?

Yes, knights, among other military groups, relied on broadswords.

What type of sword is a broadsword?

It is a heavy, double-edge military sword used by the English and Scottish armies, but also popular during the Qing dynasty in China.