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Collection: Blue Sword - Enigmatic Artistic Expression Crossover with Traditional Sword


Blue swords are rare in history, but the fictional world features some of the most iconic blue weapons ever described! If you value uniqueness and authenticity, a blue sword might be a way to go! It will look good as a display, decor sword on a stand, or in a matching scabbard!

Let's dive into the world of legendary blue swords and focus on some excellent fictional blue blades! 

The Mystique Appearance of the Blue Sword

Despite being a rarity, blue swords do have certain symbolism and meaning associated with them, either in literature or in real life. Blue Blade stands for mystery, sophistication, and power, but it also enhances tranquility and supernatural powers associated with blades. In fiction, blue blades often allowed the wielder to vanquish evil and enhance their inner strength.

In the real world, blue blades are achieved through various methods, such as chemical treatment and polishing, heat tempering, and hand paint for display swords. 

Blue Rose Sword

In recent years, the popularity of blue swords has increased with the Sword Art Online (SAO) series. In the series, Eugeo wields the iconic Blue Rose Sword, created from the unique flower from the Underworld. 

The weapon is the central storyline piece and possesses powers such as turning the opponent into ice and changing the environment.

Blue Exorcist Sword

The Blue Exorcist sword from the dark manga series is a weapon against demonic forces. Rin Okumura, a half-demon, half teenager wields this powerful weapon to protect humanity. The blue blade draws the spiritual energy and increases Rin's abilities to fight against demons. It represents the inner metamorphosis and redemption.

Blue Eye Samurai Mizu Sword

If you have been watching manga on Netflix, you must have loved the Blue Eye Samurai and the protagonist Mizu. It wields the beautiful blue steel Katana.

Showcase your Sword Collection With a Blue Sword as a Central Piece

Do you enjoy tracking down rare and unique swords? A blue sword will inspire you to research the history and symbolism of blue blades while admiring their unique appearance and construction methods.

Determine if you want a real sword or an authentic replica of the fictional sword. Blue sword, whether it is a fictional one or a historically accurate Katana with a blue blade will look great on the dedicated stand or mounted on the wall. Enjoy browsing through our collection.


Does Blue Sword need special care?

Caring for a blue sword is slightly different from caring for a carbon steel blade because you need to be more careful when choosing cleaning detergents. Use a soft cloth to wipe the blade clean and mild oil to prevent corrosion.

Can I use a blue sword for practice?

Well-constructed blue swords are suitable for practice, despite the colors. Ensure the blade has tough construction, good weight distribution, and balance.

How durable is the blue sword?

The durability of the blade itself depends on the material. If the blade is carbon steel, it will last long. However, the color may fade or chip, if the coloration process isn't well executed.