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Collection: Bamboo Sword - More Than Just A Training


Bamboo sword or Shinai holds a special place in the martial arts world. It has a slender and elegant profile, which stands for discipline, skills, and tradition. The bamboo sword is made from a strong bamboo plant, which adds another layer to its meaning, representing the core values of Bushido. The plant is resilient, yet flexible as the warriors should be.

Let's learn more about the bamboo sword's features and historical significance.

Bamboo Practice Sword At A Glance

Bamboo training swords were invented in feudal Japan and served as a helpful prop for warriors to master their combat skills. Wooden swords, so-called bokkens, were utilized for training before bamboo swords.

However, bamboo swords slowly took over, as a safer alternative, which allowed training partners to experience real-life combat, but without risk of injuries.

It is because the bamboo sword mimics the metal sword in weight and movement better than the wooden sword.

Today, both wooden and bamboo swords are used for practice and collecting.

How is a Bamboo Sword Made?

Typically, it takes four bamboo staves to construct traditional bamboo swords. The sword maker binds the staves together to create sturdy, but flexible sword construction. 

Then, a tsuka or handle is installed on one end, and it is often wrapped in leather to mimic the feeling of the metal swords. On the opposite end of the sword, a cluster of bamboo slats works as a blade. 

The bamboo sword has a simple construction, but unique material features require meticulous craftsmanship to create quality swords, with perfect balance and durability.

Bamboo Sport Sword Today

Bamboo swords can be used for a lot of Japanese martial arts, but they are a must-have for Kendo. Practitioners of this martial art focus on basic strikes and advanced footwork to master the speed and precision of the sword. It takes years of dedicated practice to become proficient in Kendo. 

Additionally, Kendo and bamboo swords not only increase practitioners' physical abilities. The martial art allows students to master their discipline and spiritual resilience.

Bamboo Swords for Sale

Getting a reliable and quality bamboo sword takes research and learning what features you value most about your sword. Moreover, you can display your bamboo sword mounted on the wall or the matching stand, just like you would do with a metal sword.

Getting a bamboo sword ties to the centuries of martial arts practice and connects you to a welcoming community of bamboo sword collectors. 


Which martial arts use bamboo swords?

Bamboo swords are used in various Asian martial arts, but Kendo, Kenjutsu, and Iaido practice prioritize them.

How do you care for a bamboo sword?

To preserve the construction and appearance of your bamboo sword, you need to keep it clean after every practice. Wipe the sweat and dust from the sword, and keep it in a well-ventilated and low-moisture environment.

Is bamboo practice Katana good for training?

Bamboo Katana is an excellent option for training because it gives you a realistic experience of combat while minimizing the risk of injuries.