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Collection: Wooden Katana - The Most Sophisticated Training Sword


Are you on the hunt for an elegant and reliable wooden Katana to use for training? You're in the right place, as our store focuses on quality wooden Katanas, which are great for various martial arts practices but also made from quality wood and with excellent wood processing and sword-making skills. 

But, first, understand more about the history, origin, use, and interesting facts about the wooden sword Katana.

What is a Wooden Training Katana?

Wooden Katana is, as the name suggests, a sword made of wood which is the same as metal Japanese Katana. There are several terms invented specifically for this wooden sword, which are well-known among martial arts practitioners and collectors of traditional ancient weapons.

Bokken or bokuto is a wooden Katana used for kenjutsu, but it can sometimes be shaped like other Japanese swords, such as tanto and wakizashi. 

Traditionally, red and white oak are used for crafting wooden swords to ensure durability and resilience during training combat. However, wooden swords can also be elegant and visually appealing due to attractive ornaments and unique carvings.

If you want an alternative to a hardwood sword, a flexible one, pick swords made from bamboo. These are called shinai.

How to Pick Wooden Katana?

There are a few factors to consider if you want to get a wooden sword the most suitable for your practice and needs. 

Sword Weight

To work as a training sword, a wooden Katana needs to have exactly the same weight as a steel sword to ensure effective training. Aside from weight, a sword should be balanced to be able to move lightly, like a real sword.


Pick a one-piece wooden sword to ensure it holds well against wear and tear, and heavy practice. It should also come with a hand guard so your hands are safe during practice. Wooden Katana with sheath is rare, more commonly these swords are kept in a piece of cloth. 

Type of Wood

Hardwood, such as different oak varieties, is best for wooden training Katana constructions. But, there are a few suitable alternatives such as ebony, walnut, and hickory, which give the sword a unique and attractive appearance.

Our Selection

Browse through our selection of wooden Katanas or bokken swords. When choosing, consider your height and weight to get the sword that you are most comfortable with. 

Remember, wooden swords can also be dangerous and some of the Japanese folklore stories include legends about the famous Miyamoto Musashi victory over Sasaki Kojiro with a wooden sword. 


Are wooden Katanas legal?

Owning a wooden Katana is legal, but carrying it public depends on individual state regulations. Some states may consider it as a weapon so carrying it without cloth may be forbidden.

Is wooden Katana good?

When crafted from quality wood and with excellent skills, wooden Katana in the arms of experienced wielders can cause severe damage to the opponent.

How heavy is a wooden Katana?

Typically, wooden Katana weighs between 2 and 2.6 pounds. But, the exact weight depends on the wood used for construction, blade length,  and thickness.