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Collection: Tanto Knife - Specialized Guide for Buyers, Chefs, and Collectors

Pocket knives of all shapes, styles, and qualities, but only a Tanto knife have been a gold standard for everyone. What is the Tanto knife used for? 

Where to Buy a Tanto Knife? Can you sharpen it at home, what do you use it for? Keep reading to get all the answers and a few more details on buying a Tanto knife, for collection defense.

Tanto Knife - Samurai Second Weapon

In the 12th century in Japan, the Tanto knife was a must for the samurai, besides their long sword. Tanto is a dagger, most often used for self-defense and stabbing. Even though the Tanto knife suffered many design changes from back then, it kept the original curved tip. 

Apart from the Japanese Tanto knife, pocket knife enthusiasts are familiar with another version - an American Tanto. It is a dagger that originated from Texas, featuring a distinctive sharp intersecting point of the two edges. It is a more widely spread version of the original samurai knife.

How to Use Tanto Knife

The Tanto knife for self-defense is unmatched, but the kitchen is where the Tanto knife shines! It is a versatile chef knife, and its stable, sharp, and massive blade cuts excellently through different textures and items. You can use it for almost everything - fish, meat, and veggies. Another thing that makes it stand out is its sturdy handle, which doesn't react with heat and acid. 

Where to Buy Tanto Knife?

Because of its excellent features and steady popularity, Tanto knives are more available for sale than other types of daggers and pocket knives. Therefore, it's tricky to get quality, practical, and collector's pieces. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a Tanto knife:

  • Only shop with established online stores

  • Choose hand-crafted pieces

  • Look for user reviews to get the best possible services

  • If you are a fan of anime and manga, get your hands on some quality steel blades instead of cheap plastic replicas

  • Decide whether you need outdoor/tactical use, kitchen, or self-defense item

  • For collective items, pick ones that honor the traditional Japanese design

Collecting Tanto Knives

If you are looking for a new piece for your sword and dagger collection, or you are an exclusive collection of Tanto knives, you'll have something to look forward to in our collection. 

With hand-forged items and different handles and uses, selected from premium manufacturers, our collection of Tanto knives honors the simplicity of its design and careful craftsman skills dating back to samurai times.

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What is a tanto knife used for?

A Tanto knife is a dagger, between 5.9 and an inch long. It is mostly used as a stabbing dagger, but the blade is capable of slashing, too.

Why did the samurai carry a tanto?

Tanto is a small blade but powerful, especially in close-combat. Because it didn't take too much space, the samurai never parted from their daggers.

Is a tanto blade good for self-defense?

Tanto is excellent for self-defense, due to its strong point which is ideal for piercing.