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Collection: Tai Chi Sword - When Softness Beats Hardness

If you are looking for a tai chi sword for sale, you've come into the right place. But, at our store, we will provide you with full service - quality tai chi sword and a glimpse into the background of this unique weapon and piece of history. 

Tai Chi sword is a must-have for practicing various martial arts, and Tai Chi is the most common one. The sword is called Taijijian and essentially, it is a straight, double-edged sword, more often flexible than rigid. 

Let's take a closer look at the most popular training sword in Asian martial arts.

Tai Chi Sword Background 

Only a few swords have such an important role in history such as Tai Chi. Its history is deeply interconnected with Chinese culture and values and stands as both a testament to spiritual awakening and artistry.

Tai Chi sword originates from China, from the Zhou dynasty period. Daoist philosophy influenced many aspects of Chinese culture, including swordsmanship. So, the Tai Chi sword has been designed with the core values of the philosophy in mind, such as balance, harmony, and energy flow. Moreover, Tai Chi martial arts focuses on balance and interconnection.

Its unique design emphasized strategy and skill, over brute force and it became known as the weapon of scholars. It also helps the wielder to achieve calmness and be present in the moment.

Wooden Vs Metal Tai Chi Sword

Wooden Tai Chi sword is more affordable than metal, but budget isn't the only determining factor. You should also consider the features, such as weight, balance, and durability, as well as your skill level.

Generally, Tai Chi wooden swords are better suited for beginners allowing them to safely explore a variety of movements and techniques. Metal swords are more durable and suited for advanced practice, as well as solo practice. If you are participating in group Tai Chi training, wooden swords are highly appreciated. 

Our collection

The swords from our collection allow you to elevate your martial arts practice and get an authentic experience of Chinese combat style. We offer a variety of swords of wood and metal, and you should pick one based on your training objectives, budget, and skill level.

How To Take Care of Our Tai Chi Training Sword

Wipe your sword with a dry cloth after each training session to clean debris and sweat. If you own a metal sword, apply an oil coating to protect the sharpener, and sharpen it when you notice the edge is going dull. 


How to use a Tai Chi sword?

Ensure your legs are well-positioned in the ground for maximum balance and stability, and grip the swords with your hands, including a little finger. Practice simple sword forms until you get more comfortable with the sword.

What is a Tai Chi straight sword?

Tai Chi sword is a lightweight and narrow blade with a double edge. Martial artists used the sword for centuries.

Does Tai Chi have weapons?

In Tai Chi, practitioners used swords, long poles, sabers, and spears.