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Do you wonder what a tactical sword is in the modern era? A tactical sword is essentially designed to help a person survive outdoors through combat and various utility functions. 

Therefore, tactical swords are designed with different functions in mind, and not necessarily for fighting. Moreover, they can help an individual navigate through dense vegetation, use it like a machete, or else, in an outdoor survival challenge. 

Before we move on to the tactical swords in our collection, let's briefly discuss the most important features of tactical swords and how you can pick the one for you.

Tactical Sword Features

Tactical swords aren't designed like traditional swords, and they don't have the details or classic sword's shape and elements. For example, slight modifications in the handles allow the use of one or two hands and a secure grip. 

Typically, a handle on a modern tactical sword is ergonomically designed and may come with finger grooves and textured patterns for better grip.

Long and tactical short swords often come with lanyard holes, so a person can use them for a strap or loop. It is a modern feature that has become more popular in recent years because it is both functional and looks cool.

Types of Tactical Swords

There are various tactical swords, including a machete, short sword, military tactical sword, tactical combat swords, etc. 

Military tactical swords, for example, often come with a rugged rubber mold over the grip. It ensures a secure grip, one-hand use, and shock absorption. Next, these swords may come with a slightly longer grip, to give extra power during chopping. That way, tactical swords are excellent for survival modes and various outdoor uses.

How to Pick a Tactical Sword?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a tactical knife, including blade material and shape, sword length, handle, etc. 

Most blades are made from steel, but there are variations. For example, high-carbon steel is an excellent choice, but it may be challenging to sharpen. On the other hand, high vanadium steel is easy to sharpen but not as tough as some other swords.

Also, pick swords with an aluminum handle if you prefer lightweight, or leather handle if you want durability. Steel handles are not as comfortable, but they are tough and corrosion-resistant.

Tactical Swords for Sale

Browse our tactical swords for sale and discover some of the best sellers in the category. Focus on multi-purpose tactical swords with broad application outdoors, for combat and self-defense. 


What is a tactical sword?

The tactical sword features a slightly longer blade than a knife and different features designed to enhance the sword's versatility for combat, utility, and self-defense.

What is the most effective sword?

Tactical Katana offers the best of both worlds - traditional sword features such as quality blades and convenient design, and practical adds, such as handle variations.

Is it legal to own a sword in the US?

There aren't regulations about conventional swords, but in several states, there is a ban on sword canes.