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Collection: Tachi Sword - Synonym For Japanese Long Sword


Imagine a Japanese warrior on horseback during the Heian period on the battlefield with a long and curved sword. The sword in most situations was a Tachi sword, with a distinctive curve and an excellent reach. 

If you could closely examine the appearance of the warrior, you will notice that a Tachi blade was kept loosely on the left waist so the man could easily grasp it and use it for attack and defense. Because the edge was facing down, the warriors could easily cut soldiers on the ground, too.

The Japanese Tachi sword had been in use for six centuries before Katana replaced it. However, high-ranked samurai kept the Tachi sword as a symbol of their rank and class.

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Here are essential Tachi features and a quick breakdown of the sword's historical details.

Tachi Sword Construction

Literally translated, Tachi sword means long sword, and it is a short description of the sword. It is longer than standard Katana and more curved. Moreover, the curvature spreads from the center of the sword and includes the tang. 

Most Tachi swords had blades longer than 31 inches, which made them perfect cavalry weapons. Because of the curved blade design, Tachi was primarily used for slicing blows. 

Despite its exceptional length, the blade was lightweight and easy to handle, so most warriors could use it with one hand.

Next, a Japanese short sword often paired with a Tachi is called a Tanto, and it served for close combat where the length of the Tachi made it impossible to use to its full potential.

Tachi Sword For Sale

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How is Tachi sword different from Katana?

Tachi is longer and has a more dramatic curve than Katana. Historically, Tachi was the primary samurai weapon before Katana took over.

Why did the samurai stop using Tachi?

The samurai switched to Katana and other swords because the nature of the combat changed and asked for more versatile, easier weapons to handle. Still, Tachi was used as a class and rank symbol among feudal Japanese warriors.

What is a tachi used for?

Tachi was used on horseback as a cavalry horse. It was easily good for attaching armored enemies on horses or soldiers on foot. A dramatic curve on the blade was great for cutting and slicing.