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Collection: Spear Sword - Exploring the Unique Weapon Design


Is it a spear or a sword? Meet the unique convergence between two lethal weapons, well-known among various cultures for its formidable features. The hybrid spear sword played an important role in historic battles. Nowadays, it is a must-have piece of equipment for different martial arts practices and collector's items. 

Spear Sword - Unique Design 

As the name suggests, the spear sword combines the elements of spear and sword. The most important features are blended to improve the thrusting, slashing, and cutting capabilities of the weapon.

The distinctive long shaft on spear swords provides long-reach thrusting capabilities. Often, these weapons have wooden or metal shafts made with ergonomic grip. On the end of the shaft, there is a blade, straight or curved, depending on the type of the spear swords. Typically, the tip of the spear sword is pointed to increase piercing attacks. Some cultures also included hooks for additional attack versatility.

The guard is a standard design item on the spear sword which keeps the wielder's hands safe.

Types of Spear Swords

The intersection of spear and sword is featured in many cultures, so there are several types of spear swords.

Chinese Spear Sword

The Chinese design of the spear sword features a long shaft with a blade on the other end so the weapon can be used for slashing, thrusting, and cutting. It is also called the Qiang sword.

Japanese Spear Sword

The Japanese sword Naginata Yari is the most similar to the typical Chinese spear sword. It has a long wooden shaft and curved blade. Martial art Naginatajutsu uses such spear swords.

European Spear Sword

Medieval warriors in Europe also experimented with spear vs sword design and created weapons with long shafts and blades. They also added secondary spikes for close combats.

Modern Use of Spear Swords

In the modern era, spear swords are respected for their unique cutting capabilities and historical value. For example, the Chinese spear sword plays an important role in Chinese folklore, and in Medieval Europe, merchants often used such blades for protection and self-defense. 

In addition, several martial arts use spear swords for solo practice and sparing. There are also tournaments and demonstrations where these weapons play an important role.

Collecting Spear Swords

Collecting spear swords is a dynamic hobby, in which design authenticity is crucial. Our spear swords are an accurate representation of ancient and medieval spear swords with various capabilities.

The attractive design makes them beautiful for display purposes, and functional features ensure you can use them for practice. 


What is better sword vs spear?

The sword is more versatile than a spear, but a spear has a longer reach. The use of these weapons is determined by the situation in which combat takes place. 

Who used a spear sword?

The most famous wielder of the spear sword is Guan Yu, a legendary Chinese general from the Three Kingdoms era. He is an important figure in Chinese history and folklore.

What is a spear sword used for?

Spear swords are used on ancient battlefields. Modern use of spear swords is for martial arts and collections.