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Collection: Silver Sword - Elegance and Beauty for Fantasy-Inspired Collection

Do you seek a shiny and light-catching sword for display? Or do you want to feel fancy while wielding a silver sword? 

Silverswords aren't as good as other materials, such as carbon steel, but silver is among the most beautiful materials for sword-making practice. If you prefer fantasy-inspired home decor, it is easy to see how a silver Katana or any other silver sword blends well with your interior decor or becomes a central piece.

Let's take a closer look at silver swords and mention some of the most famous fantasy silver swords!

Can you Use Silver to Make Swords?

There is a reason sword makers pick other materials over silver for their swords, and the costs aren't one of them. Silver blade looks beautiful, but if you used it against other swords or for cutting, it would chip. The blade may break or get damaged beyond repair in contact with armor or steel on the battlefield.

If you would like to make a sword from silver, the process would be simple, as the material is so soft that you could forge it with your hand! 

Fantasy Silver Swords

Silver swords might not be used as real weapons, but in the world of fantasy video games, shows, mangas, and anime, silver swords are associated with mystical features and immense power. 

For example, the Silver sword of the Astral plane, also called the Legendary Sword in the complex video game Baldur's Gate 3 has special powers and brings bonuses to the player. 

Witcher silver swords are well-known among Witcher fandom for their special abilities against creatures vulnerable to these swords. Even though silver blades are delicate, witchers use them to defeat a variety of strange beasts.

Silver Sword - Guide For Collectors

Silver swords may be challenging to find, especially if you are looking for a replica of an exact fantasy silver world. However, in stores such as ours, you may come across unique, hand-made, and handforged silver swords for sale. 

Compared to steel and carbon blades, silver swords are lightweight and only suitable for display or cosplay. However, among weapon collectors, these limitations don't make them less desirable.

However, if you get your hands on a sword with a silver hue and a high percentage of silver, make sure to polish it often to prevent tarnish which will ruin the sword's appearance. Silver sword care is just as important as the care of other pieces in your collection, if not more. 

Explore our collection of swords with silver scabbards and attractive details on the hilt. 


Is silver good for making swords?

No, silver is soft and prone to chipping and breakage. Still, it gives the swords a unique and sophisticated appearance.

Is silver better than steel for a sword?

No, the silver sword is too flexible and cannot bear the heat treatment. Steel is durable, can be hardened with steel, and has additional features for the excellent sword.

Would a silver sword break?

Yes, in contact with stronger material, a silver sword would easily break.