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Collection: Shusui Sword - Legendary Black Blade in One Piece

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In the meantime, let's take a closer look at this fantasy sword.

Shusui Sword One Piece Background

There are only 21 Great Grade swords in One Piece and Shusui, also called a Black blade is one of them. The sword was buried with its first samurai wielder but eventually came into the hands of Roronoa Zoro.

In the manga, Shusui's sword replaced another of Zoro's sword, Yubashiri. Zoro used Shusui with great power, and in his hands, the sword was powerful enough to deflect Zombie Oars punch. Throughout the series, Zoro increased the sword's destructive power and hardened it so the sword became even more powerful.

One Piece Shusui Sword Appearance

Shusui is a stunning black blade with vivid reverse wave hamon. In anime, the hamon is red and purple, but the manga states that the hamon is white. The sword is made in Kanemoto style with octofoil-shaped tsuba and flower-like edges. 

The simple hilt and black silk wrapping make the Shusui sword even more attractive. It is a Hira Zukuri Katana, with a length of 40.5 inches. 

Powers of Shusui Sword In One Piece

Shusui is considered one of the most powerful swords in the entire manga. Enma sword is the only sword stronger than Shusui. Zoro once said that his sword wouldn't get scratched or bent even if the dinosaur stepped on it! 

Shusui Sword Replica for Sale

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Why did Zoro replace Shusui? 

Zoro got the Emna sword from Kozuki Hiyori which is considered a stronger sword compared to Shusui. Roronoa finally accepted it. 

Is Enma sword stronger than Shusui?

Yes, the Enma sword is stronger than Shusui, because it can drain a person's Haki. In the hands of Zoro, one of the strongest Haki users, Enma can extend up to its full potential.

Why is Shusui black?

In the hands of his legendary wielder Ryuma, Shusui became black which some believe is the signal that it has become a Skillful Grade blade.