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Collection: Short Katana - The Word’s Most Favorite Sword, but Shorter


Whether you are a collector of the bewildering world of Japanese swords or just starting to learn how great these products are, our collection of katanas will leave you mesmerized with the quality, building excellence, and range of use. 

Collectors, anime and manga lovers, professional chefs in fine-dining restaurants, and home cooks love these short swords for their high-quality features and razor-sharp blades with exceptional cutting precision.

What is a Short Katana?

Short katana is a smaller version of the world's most popular sword katana, dating back from samurai times. Even though there are some design variations, a  katana is usually 41 inches long, with a blade length of 28 inches. Short katana is a smaller version of it. The width of the blade is somewhat less than 2 inches, and the average thickness is 0.24 inches. 

Short katana is sharp, and also has a few features that make it a true masterpiece. The ornamental details on the scabbard and hilt and the precise balance between a handle and blade, make a short katana a much loveable piece in every Japanese sword collection.

Wakizashi - Is it a Short Katana?

Wakizashi is often referred to as a short Katana, because it has a similar design as standard Katana, but the blade and entire swords are significantly shorter. Some people also called Wakizashi, a Katana companion, because the samurai and other warriors typically carried two swords with them - a long sword, Odachi or Katana, and a short one, Wakizashi or Tanto.

Short Katana was practical for indoor combat or close combat style when using a long blade was impractical. The difference between standard Katana and Wakizashi is obvious in the hamon on the blade, single-edge blade style, curvature, and balance. Creating Wakizashi is similar to creating Katana, and it requires the same skills and precision.

Wakizashi is typically one shaku long, which is about one foot, and it does come into the category of short swords. Standard Katana is almost double the size.

The samurai also used short Katana or Wakizashi to commit ritual suicide - called seppuku. It included stabbing themselves in the stomach, to provide slow and horrible death. 

Our Collection 

Our collection of katanas represents the traditional features and needs of anime and manga fandom. The historic way of the metal folding and heating process ends up in unique patterns that make each blade distinctive for its beauty and strength. 

Explore our collection of powerful and symbolic items that bring you the true nature of different anime characters.


Is Wakizashi a Short Katana?

Wakizashi is very similar to Katana but significantly shorter. That is why people also call it short Katana, but the two have major differences.

Are there different blade shapes in short katana swords?

Yes, there are a few blade shape variations, including straight, slightly curved, and completely curved blades.

What is a katana tsuba?

Tsuba is a katana guard with a double purpose - to increase the sword's aesthetic appeal and to protect the warrior's hand during combat. In rare cases, a katana doesn't have a tsuba.