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Collection: Shinobu Sword - Elegant Sword from Demon Slayer


In the popular manga Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer, both protagonists and supporting characters have great weapons to represent their personalities and aid the manga storyline. A sword like that is the Shinobu sword, a powerful weapon in the hands of the female supporting character - Shinobu Kocho.

If you are a true fan of this popular manga, you'll want to hold a beautiful replica of the Shinobu sword, like the one you can find in our collection.

Let's see what makes a Shinobu sword Demon Slayer so special and a must-have item for all manga lovers! 

Shinobu Kocho Sword Features

Shinobu joins the Demon Slayer Corps with her sister Kanae to fight demons after they killed her parents. With her exceptional skills, Shinobu became Insect Hashira, the highest-ranked demon slayer order. Moreover, Shinobu is one of the most skilled women with swords in the entire Demon Slayer Corps organization. 

Shinobu's sword is specialized in thrusting and piercing, which is her way of injecting poison into the demons. Her sword is, unlike any other Nichirin sword in the group. Tecchin Tecchikawahara forged her sword to look like a standard Katana from the handle to the hilt. 

However, the weapon doesn't have a traditional blade, instead, it features a rod with a needle-like tip. The tip of the sword looks like an insect's stinger, which is how Shinobu Katana gained the name Stinger. Moreover, the stinger on her sword also functions as any other insect stinger and allows Shinobu to inject wisteria poison.

Attractive Colorful Details

The tsuba on Shinobu Katana is designed to look like a butterfly and has a beautiful orange border. Her sword features an attractive orange handle and turquoise wrapping. The rod is lavender-blue and has the inscription Evil Demon on one side, and Destruction on the other side of the sword.

Her sheath is also different than any other because Shinobu uses it as a poison mixer on the go!

Shinobu Sword Replica For Sale

Find the unique Shinobu sword replicas for cosplay and display. The attractive sword with colorful details and exceptional construction. Among all Demon Slayer swords, Shinobu Katana offers great value for the money and makes an excellent gift for all fans of Demon Slayer manga.

Most replicas of this sword are around 41 inches long and an excellent item to compliment your Demon Slayer sword collection.


Why is Shinobu's sword so thin?

Shinobu sword is tin because of the functional tip and modified design to allow her to use it for more than just thrusting and overcompensate for relatively low strength. Because she cannot decapitate a demon's head, she uses her sword to inject poison and kill them!

How long is the Shinobu Kocho sword?

The sword is 40.5 inches long, with a blade of 28.74 inches.

Is Shinobu's sword broken?

No, Shinobu uses a modified Katana, which may look like it is broken. However, the sword has a unique blade, which is a rod and not the traditional blade.