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Naruto is a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto about the same named character, a young ninja seeking recognition. Sasuke Uchiha, a part of the Uchiha ninja family, is another character in the story, known for his special sword and power features.

Sasuke sword, the Sword of Kusanagi literally translates as a Grass-mowing sword, while English translates as Snake sword.

This page will cover the following:

  • The intriguing sword and Sasuke background

  • Features and must-haves for Sasuke real sword to be worth your attention

  • Saskue sword online collection

Sasuke Uchiha Sword History

In the second part of the Naruto manga series, Sasuke obtains his sword from Orochimaru. The sword is a replica of Orochimaru Katana's sword but with a slight difference. The Sasuke sword is a chokuto, a single-edge straight blade, and the original Kusanagi sword is a curved Katana.

Sasuke's sword comes from Mount Fiji fires and it is believed to choose his wielder and increase its power with him.

Even though Sasuke's sword doesn't have the same powers as the original Kusanagi sword, it is still one of the greatest swords in the manga.

However, the power of the sword increases with Sasuke's ability to channel his lighting chakra through the blade. That way, the sword becomes much stronger and his cutting abilities increase, so Sasuke can easily numb his opponents.

Sasuke Sword Appearance

Sasuke sword is elegant with a black scabbard. Overall, it was bigger than a normal chokuto, and it had a long, straight blade. Even though the sword lacked supernatural abilities, it proved to be strong and durable through the series, and a great weapon to Sasuke, which helped him defeat opponents.

Sasuke Sword Replicas

The Naruto Sasuke sword replica is elegant with its long and straight sword and simple black scabbard. Look for details such as black stripes and red circles on the handle to ensure your Sasuke sword is a decent replica of the anime sword.

With scabbard or without, Sasuke's sword catches the eye with its polished, attractive high-carbon steel blade.

If you are an anime fan, especially focused on the Naruto series, you will love this sword in your collection. The quality construction makes it durable and the wood sheath makes it attractive to display with or without it.

Our Collection

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Why did Sasuke's sword change?

Sasuke changed the sword because the one he used was discarded in the battle of Madara.

Does Sasuke still use the same sword?

No, Sasuke had to replace his sword after the war, so in Boruto, Sasuke has a different sword. It isn't Kusanagi's sword.

Who is the strongest sword in Naruto?

The Nunoboko sword is believed to be the most powerful sword in Naruto manga, with the ability to destroy the world.