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Collection: Sanemi Sword - Embrace the Most Determined Demon Slayer


Sanemi Shinazugawa is an important character in the Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer manga. His weapon represents his iron will and dedication to killing demons and keeping the world safe.

Do you want to own a replica of the Demon Slayer Sanemi sword? Keep reading to get more information about the sword itself, the features of the replica, and the unique appearance of the Sanemi blade.

What is So Special about Sanemi Shinazugawa Sword?

Master swordsman Sanemi has a green Nichirin sword, whose powers are extraordinary. The lively green blade represents Sanemi's wind-breathing style. 

The narrow blade is strong and has one sharp edge, which allows Sanemi to cut demons with maximum precision. Unique details on the guard and the hilt represent Sanemi's rank and importance as Hashira. 

The motifs on the guard are connected with his breathing style. Overall, Sanemi's sword is one of the most elegant swords in the Demon Slayer collection, with its green color and remarkable ornaments.

Wind Hashira Sword Features

Sanemi adapted to the wind breathing style, which allowed him to develop agile movements with beautiful gracefulness and precision. Because of it, Sanemi can easily outmaneuver his enemy and harness the power of the wind to attack quickly and powerfully with his sword. 

Moreover, because of the power of the wind, Sanemi's blade-cutting ability is amplified. The sword isn't designed for one movement. Rather it is adaptable and as a master swordsman, Sanemi uses it as the situation requires and is very effective in slicing demons in various ways.

Sanemi Sword as Part of the Demon Slayer Sword Collection

You can get your Sanemi sword replica as an individual piece, but you can also pair it with other collective swords from the popular manga. That way, you can not only have a strong connection to your favorite manga but also an investment whose value only increases over time. 

Collectors, fans, and manga appreciate a quality collection of swords, especially rare and unique swords, and parts of limited editions.

Sanemi Sword Replica

There is still no official replica of the Sanemi sword, but the one from our store truly represents the power and determination of the Wind Hashira  Sanemi. Crafted from quality materials and following the ornaments on the guard and hilt, the Sanemi sword replica stands out as an elegant and unique weapon from the Demon Slayer manga.


What is the Sanemi sword color?

Sanemi sword is green, to represent his wind-breathing style and allow agility and precision for the wielder. It is also a versatile and adaptable sword, well-suitable for the master swordsman and Hashira such as Sanemi.

What is the Sanemi sword's special power?

Enhanced cutting ability and extreme speed are special features of the Sanemi sword related to his unique breathing style.

What is the strongest Demon Slayer sword?

All Nichirin swords from Demon Slayer have special skills, and their power depends on the wielder's skills. White and black swords have the most powerful features, but Demon Slayer corps prioritize teamwork.