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Collection: Samurai Katana - Primary Weapon of High Prestigious Japanese Warriors


The samurai were a high class of warriors in feudal Japan, well known for their combat skills, strict moral code, and their weapon: the samurai Katana sword.

Samurai Sword Katana At a Glance

Samurai Katana refers to a long and curved sword, designed in feudal Japan, as a traditional Japanese sword of the noble warrior.

You can recognize it by its curved shape, and long grip. The tsuba is square or circular, and a long grip allows the wielder to use the sword either with one or two hands.

The material used for the Katana sword is often steel, either high carbon steel, stainless steel, or tamhagane steel. If you are a passionate sword collector, you are probably on the hunt for a quality Katana to complement your collection. They sometimes can be quite pricey, because of the skills and artistry behind the creation. However, the value of the sword only increases over time.

Katana Samurai Sword History

Back in feudal Japan, in the Kamakura period, the samurai called their sword Uchigatana. Some call it the predecessor of the Katana sword, but it was slightly lighter than the typical Katana design. 

Katana, therefore, has more cutting force, without compromising speed or agility. On average, Katana samurai's sword lengths varied, because they were custom-made. The swordsmiths created Katanas of different lengths to accompany samurais of different heights. 

Taller warriors usually carried longer swords, but it wasn't the rule. The sword length depended on the level of comfort the warrior was expecting with it. 

How did the Samurai use their Katanas?

Most times, the samurai use both their hands for cutting. But, the perfect sword balance allowed one-handed operation when it was needed.

Samurai kept their swords the sheath, usually made from lacquered wood. But, some preferred fish skin and lavish brass and copper decoration. Once the sword is in the sheath, the samurai will hang in on the waist through a matching sash, with the sword edge facing up.

Our Collection

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Is the Samurai Katana the strongest sword ever? 

It depends on who you ask, but it is a fact that Katana is one of the most sophisticated swords ever made. The curve, the balance, the blade length - everything works in favor of the wielder to allow maximum control and enhance the cutting power.

Which swords are better than Katana?

The longsword might have a better reach than Katana, but it requires more space and allows less movement. A Rapier is the closest match for the Katana speed, but the answer depends on the wielder's skills and not the sword features.

How different is Dao from Katana?

The Chinese Dao sword is similar to the Katana, but it can often come with a straight blade, while the Katana is always curved.