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Collection: Reverse Blade Sword - Unique Weapon With Anime Origin


A reverse blade sword is a unique piece of weaponry and is not as used as a standard sword. In fact, until the popularity of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin, reverse sword blades weren't as nearly as popular as now.

Kenshin himura reverse blade sword is to blame! Now, let's see how different features of the reverse-edge sword or backward sword, as it is sometimes called.

What is a Reverse Sword Blade?

On a reverse sword, the cutting edge is positioned on the inward side. These swords is designed for non-lethal combat, popular in the mentioned anime. Here are the standout features of these swords:

Blunted Edge

The edge of the sword isn't sharpened, so it minimizes the risk of injuries.

Tough construction

The reverse-edge swords are often built strong to hold the construction during martial arts practice.

Perfect Balance

Just like a standard sword, a reverse blade samurai sword has optimal weight distribution to ensure agility and fast movement

Reverse Blade History

Reverse blade sword is mostly fictional, and popularized by manga and anime series. However, it is believed that reverse blade sword originate from training swords, which were designed to help warriors perfect their combat skills without harming their training partner.

Moreover, the philosophy behind the reverse blade sword is that the swords should be used to protect life, and not to take, hence blunt edge. With the anime reverse blade sword popularity, more martial artists and collectors got interested in these swords, which spiked their production. Their artistry of creating these swords isn't much different from regular swords, except for sharpness.

Reverse Blade Sword For Sale

If you are looking for a reverse blade sword either for training or display, ensure you pick the one made from quality materials. Stainless steel is less durable than carbon steel.

However, the most important thing to check when buying a reverse edge sword is the blade itself. Our blades have properly blunted edges, which ensure there are no injuries when you practice with them.

If you plan to train with your reverse edge sword, check the hilt, and prioritize comfort.

Popular Reverse Edge Swords and Their Uses

Katana reverse blade is one of the popular options for training and collections. But, when talking about reverse edge swords, most people think of Hanwei Rurouni Kenshin blade.

A replica of this particular blade is excellent for cosplay, or display.

Some people prefer reverse edge swords instead of wooden swords for training, so you can get a realistic sense when using the sword.

Anime fans collect these swords and use them for a unique decoration.


Do reverse blade swords have any benefits compared to conventional swords in combat?

They minimize the risk of accidental injuries and allow the user to develop a surprising strategy for opponents.

Can I use a reverse blade sword for training?

Yes, they are great for martial arts training.

Why is the blade facing inward on reverse edge swords?

To promote non-lethal combat and self-defense over attack.