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Collection: Red Katana - Unusual Sword With Red Hue


Red Katana is relatively rare because making the sword requires delicate methods or adding layers of hue to the blade. Also, you may come across a red Katana sword with a red hilt or different details. 

While there isn't a specific symbolism or meaning behind the red sword Katana, it looks fascinating and captures the eye of collectors and sword admirers. Moreover, in one popular manga and anime series Rurouni Kenshin, a protagonist wields reverse-blade red Katana, which makes this unique sword more popular in the eyes of the fandom.

Let's briefly go through things to know about Red Blade Katana!

Katana Red Sword

Red Katana is used for display or light cutting. There are various techniques used for getting the red color on the blade.


To get a red blade on Katana, the master of the sword needs to clean the blade thoroughly and use quality paint formulated for metal. Sometimes, using a primer ensures that the color adheres better to the blade and lasts longer. Color depth is achieved through multiple layers of paint.


The alternative is to use an electrochemical process called anodizing to achieve a red color on the metal blade. The technician sets the voltage and duration for red oxide on the blade surface. The results of anodization depend on the blade material, but with carbon steel swords, the color is uniform and durable.

Powder Coating

The typical method of blade painting is powder coating. The technician applies dry color powder to the blade and then uses heat to cure the layer of color. The blades colored with this method are vivid and durable.

Alternative Methods

Sometimes, artists paint the blades by hand for specific purposes or to achieve distinguishing looks. Customized painting may include airbrushing, painting, or other techniques to get the desired color.

Our Collection Red Katana Features

The red sword Katana from our collection features a moderately sharp blade and fascinating red blade. The blade is perfect for decoration or light cutting. Carbon steel construction ensures the sword is strong, resilient, and durable, with a proper balance. Full tang design represents traditional samurai sword-making techniques and improves the functionality of the sword. 


Never use harsh chemicals to clean your red Katana, because they can damage the color, making it uneven or patchy. Use a dry and clean cloth to remove dust, and occasionally oil the blade to prevent rust and keep it bright and shiny!


Were there red Katanas in history?

No, traditional samurai swords were made from metal and didn't have paint coating on them. Red and other colored swords are products of artistic imagination.

How is red Katana made?

Quality red Katana swords are made the same as typical swords, but the finish techniques differ because they include colorization techniques, such as painting, anodization, powder coating, etc.

Who uses red Katana?

Anime characters such as Kensihin Humura from Rurouni Kenshin anime and Akame from Akame ga Kill use red Katana blades. Akame's blade is poisonous and symbolizes her assassin's reputation.