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Do you want a real samurai sword? Our store is a one-stop shop for all of you looking for real samurai swords for sale, made with great swordsmen in mind and respecting the traditional Japanese technique.

You can find the most beautiful swords for display, or battle-ready, fully functional swords to use for your martial art practice.

Before you get dragged into our collection, let's have a quick chat about these swords.

Real Samurai Swords - History

Historically, the samurai didn't use only one sword, as some movies try to convince us. Rather, they often paired two swords - one long and one short to ensure they were well-equipped for every combat style.

For example, a common combination was Katana and Wakizashi swords. Often, the samurai wore the swords together in a bulk called Daisho. They were inserted together in one belt with their edges facing up.

Real samurai sword from 1500's shows amazing crafting skills and passes the test of time. With occasional polishing, the swords are at their peak performance. They are priceless because they stand as testimony to feudal Japan and some of the greatest warriors.

What Were Real Samurai Swords?

It is a common misconception that the samurai used only Katana. Moreover, they navigate through different swords based on their needs and the time period. These are the swords samurai used:

  • Katana - The most recognizable sword of Japan, long, curved single-edge blade

  • Nodachi - extra long sword, cavalry weapon

  • Wakizashi - Sword similar to Katana, but shorter; often worn together with Katana to represent the single weapon

  • Tanto - short sword or knife, excellent for stabbing and close combat

  • Tachi - the popular predecessor of Katana, used by the samurai on horseback, longer and more curved than Katana

How Were Real Japanese Swords Made?

Japanese swordsmithing is a unique technique, which includes hours and days working on a single sword. Labor-extensive forging, clay tempering, polishing, and sharpening are just a few phases. The blades were different in length and thickness and had various amounts of grind. For example, some swords were made without ridges, which represents the hira zukuri style. Others, such as Katana had distinctive patterns called hamon.

Our Collection

Get your hands on real samurai Katana with the unique swords from our collection. Maybe you would like to get your hands on a Nodachi or short Japanese Tanto blade? Scroll through our collection and save your favorite pieces. Stay tuned, more real swords are coming into our store...


Are real samurai swords still made?

Yes, several craftsmen still use traditional Japanese swordmaking techniques for the blades and make them as durable as authentic swords from several centuries ago.

How much are real samurai swords?

Putting a price on antique samurai swords is challenging, but on auction, they can sell between $10,000 and $50,000. The price depends on historical significance.

Can you own a real samurai sword?

Yes, if you are above 18, you can legally own a Japanese samurai sword.