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high level katana

If you are a passionate sword collector, you are probably seeking a traditional Katana sword for sale! The Katana sword is the most popular and well-known Japanese samurai sword. 

The recognizable curved design of this single-blade is about 24 inches long and represents samurai honor, discipline, and loyalty - the core values of the samurai code.

What is a Katana Sword?

Katana is a traditional Japanese sword with a few distinguishable characteristics, such as a curved shape, square or circular tsuba guard, and a long grip, designed to help the warrior use this big sword with both hands. 

Unique, hand-crafted katanas are pricey, but their value increases over time. Some skilled swordsmiths still use traditional tamhagane steel, which is more expensive than traditional steel. These swords are high-quality, long-lasting, and shining stars of every sword collection!

Katana Types

There are several variations of the Katana sword. However, the three most recognizable types are determined by the blade length.


Daito, or long sword, is a standard Katana, with a typical blade length from 24 to 31 inches. It is the most common Katana.


Shoto Katana is a shorter version of the standard sword, sometimes called a companion sword. It is 2/3 the size of a typical Katana and is designed for one-handed use.


Tanto is the smallest Katana sword, a dagger. Chefs use tanto as a knife because of its razor-sharp blade and ergonomic design.


Katana has been used since 700 CE and has suffered differences in the design and material. Samurai, a military nobility of feudal Japan, used Katanas as their primary weapon and perfected the design. 

The blade was strong, sharp, and durable, yet flexible, which made Katana a weapon of choice for many close-combat warriors.

Interesting facts about Katanas 

Did you know that the oldest Katana Hishizukuri uchigatana, is from the Nanboku-chō period, the 14th century? The most expensive Katana,

Fukushima Masanori, the most expensive Katana costs 100,000,000 dollars. 

Probably the most famous Japanese sword legend is about the Kusanaga-no-Tsurgi Katana, one of the three imperial treasures of Japan.

After WW2, producing Katanas was forbidden in Japan as part of efforts to modernize Japan and bring it closer to Western culture. 

Hattori Hanzo Katana is the most famous Katana portrayed on the big screen. It is a vengeance weapon in the Kill Bill franchise by Quentin Tarantino.

Information about our Katana collections

What to expect in our Katana collection? Find unique and hang-crafted Katana swords that represent the traditional sword-making process and design features. Our swords are made from premium materials and are a valuable enhancement to every sword and weapon collection. Explore our comprehensive collection with state-of-the-art handles and razor-sharp blades.


Is Katana worth it?

Authentic Katanas cost thousands of dollars, and their value increases over time. Replicas are cheap and easy to find. When choosing a genuine Katana, you'll get an authentic piece of history, premium skills, and a deadly weapon.

Is it okay to own a Katana?

You don't need a special permit to own a Katana, but some states have regulated carrying a Katana in public. It is prohibited, or there are strict instructions on storage.

How to display a Katana?

The proper way to display a Katana in your collection is with its cutting edge facing up!