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Collection: Nodachi Sword - Big Samurai Sword With Distinctive Design

Nodachi sword is called the field sword, and it is another samurai sword respected for its lethal impact and massiveness. What makes it different from most other Samurai swords is its long body. A minimum Nodachi sword blade is around 35.8 inches, but many Nodachi swords are longer than that. 

Because it is so long, the traditional way of making the Nodachi sword, with heat treatment, becomes challenging, and thus more expensive. However, its elegant design, makes a Nodachi sword a loved item in every sword collection. Martial artists today use Nodachi swords for power-type chop training and honor guards.

Nodachi Sword Use

Because of its great size, Nodachi was used on the battlefield, especially in battles involving cavalry. The long blade ensured extended reach so warriors could easily get enemies on horses while staying safe. On the other hand, the length and weight of this big sword made it almost impossible to use in close fights in small spaces. For that type of fight, samurai used the well-known Katana.

What is So Special About Nodachi Sword?

In Japanese mythology, Nodachi is acknowledged as one of the most powerful swords, and only chosen ones with great strength and honor could carry it and use it to its full potential. The Nodachi sword represents samurai values - strength, courage, and honor. Because of this, Nodachi was a ceremonial weapon offered to Japanese gods.

Intricate Process of Nodachi Sword Creation

Making such a tremendous sword, like Nodachi, was a challenge, and only skilled and knowledgeable swordsmiths were ready to tackle the process. The best Nodachi swords feature a hand-forged blade, heat treatment, and hardening through clay layers. 

Overall, the process is time-consuming and ends with polishing and extra sharpening. Nodachi must have a full-tang blade and overall flexibility to cut through armor.

Often, the swords are decorated with dragons and other symbols from mythology. 

Nodachi Sword Maintenance

Nothing is simple with such a big and wonderful sword as the Japanese Nodachi. Clean, polish, and oil the blade regularly to keep it good-looking and functional. Inspect the handle and other sword parts for damage and fix them promptly.

But, to ensure your Nodachi swords last as long as possible (some iconic items are centuries old), keep the moisture in the room with the sword at a minimum. Also, a sword stand is a great way to display a Nodachi sword to prevent damage from poor handling.


Are Odachi and Nodachi the same?

Nodachi is a sword used on the battlefield, and Odachi is another long sword, used for personal protection.

Is a Nodachi better than a Katana?

The answer depends on the situation. Nodachi has a broader reach and deadlier impact, but Katana is more versatile and allows precise cutting.

How big was Nodachi?

Japanese historical writings claim that traditional Nodachi swords featured 3 shaku and 9 sun long blade. Expressed in modern measurement units, Nodachi swords were around 58 inches long.

What is the largest Nodachi in the world?

The Norimitsu is 148 inches long, and it is the biggest Nodachi sword ever made.