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Collection: Ninjato Sword - Japanese Sword under the Veil of Mystery


With its exceptional resilience, razor-sharp edge, and design that allows great freedom of movement, Ninjato sword stands out in the world of swords. The most important features of an authentic Ninjato sword:

  • Single-edge

  • Straight blade 

  • Full-tang

  • Blade length between 11 and 23 inches

By the end of this page, you'll know more about the famous history of the Ninjato sword, learn how to pick the Ninjato sword for sale, and discover the differences between this and other popular and similar swords!

Ninjato Sword Intriguing Origin

Even though it is one of the most famous swords, historians cannot find physical evidence that the Ninjato sword was used before the 20th century. But, it did not stop it from becoming a popular symbol of Japanese covert against Ninjas who used it for combat and secretive work.

Ninja swords also count as short swords, and their handle is relatively long. Despite this, ninjas were able to use their swords with one hand. Second name for a Ninjato sword is Shinobi-gatana.

An interesting fact about the Shinobi sword is that its sword guard allowed wielders to use it as a foot pedestal and reach higher. It is because the guard was made from heavy-duty steel, and the sword could handle heavy weight.

Ninjato Today

Ninja short sword is part of the standard sport prop of martial art ninjutsu. The martial artists rely on traditional ninjato techniques and train with real blades.

They also practice with bamboo swords to avoid deathly thrusts and cuts which are lethal with Ninjato swords. In addition, unlike classical Samurai combat styles, ninjutsu allowed the trainee to explore the power of the sword in informal and freehand styles. 

Ninjato Sword for Sale

Because of its popularity, custom Ninjato swords are in high demand among martial artists and collectors. If you are looking for a valuable piece for your collection, invest in high-quality, hand-made carbon steel Ninjato, or get a mystical black Ninjato sword with perfect polish, an interesting blade grain pattern, and real hamon. 

Opt for a perfectly balanced blade with an average weight of one pound. 

You can also explore various quality blades with different motifs on tsuba, silver, blue, or metallic details to match your personal preference and not compromise the quality of the blade. 

The scabbard of most Ninjato swords is black to represent their role in covert affairs, but you can find scabbards with decoration, too.


Is a Ninjato better than Katana?

Katana is made from higher quality steel than Ninjato, but it has more limitations in close combat than Ninjato. The winner between ninjato sword vs katana depends on the situation and the wielder's sword skills.

Why is Ninjato straight?

Historians argue that the straight Ninjato blade has been developed to resemble another short and straight sword Hokuto. Also, ninjas often forged their swords, and straight ones were easier to work with. 

Is a Ninjato practical?

Ninjato is a functional sword for different martial arts styles. A short, single-edge blade is also discreet and can quickly be pulled out if needed.