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Collection: Nichirin Sword: What is Your Next Blade for Demon Slayer Collection?


Nichirin sword is well known among manga fandom and is one of the important elements of the story. Demon Slayer or Japanese Kimetsu no Yaiba, is one of the most popular manga franchises ever, which follows young Tanjiro and the crew of like-minded sword-wielding people dedicated to fighting demons. 

Nichirin blades are the unique sword each demon slayer uses which reflects their personal characteristics and helps them fight evil. 

Demon Slayer Nichirin swords aren't just weapons, they are important pieces of the adventurous tale in this manga.

Let's take a closer look at Nichirin blades' features and give you a quick insight into our collection.

What are Nichirin Swords?

Nichirin swords translate as sun blades, and they are made for Slayer Corps, a crew that kills demons. These swords look like a typical Japanese Katana, but all of them have special and individual features, which makes them the only weapons suitable for killing demons. Each sword wielder needs to have skills and strength so the sword will change color. 

The blades are made from unique material and each one reflects the wielders' unique Breathing style. In the manga, some other demon slayers use different weapons, or modified swords, such as the Mitsuiri whip sword or double blades of Tengens.

Nichirin Sword Color Meaning

Once the wielder adopts a specific Breathing style, it modifies the color of the sword. For example, Tanjiro's Nichirin sword is black and it is the exception because that color is associated with the sad destiny of Demon Slayers who die young. The blue blade of Giyu Tomioka is connected to the Water Breathing style, and Flame Breathing transforms the blade into red, such as Kyojuro Rengoku's sword. 

Another famous sword is the Zenitsu Agatsuma Yellow Katana, which symbolizes thunder Breathing style. Inosuke, on the other hand, wields an indigo sword, which represents the Beast Breathing style. Former demon slayer, now demon Kokushibo once used a light purple sword, which represented Moon Breathing style.

Demon Slayer Nichirin Sword Our Collection

In our collection, you can find popular Nichirin swords, made with excellent attention to detail to be replicas of swords in the manga.

The attractive colors and the high-quality materials make this Demon Slayer manga sword more than props, they are unique collectible pieces for practice and display. Pick the one based on your preferences toward manga characters and their combat styles.

If you want to build a valuable collection of Nichirin swords, you may start with Tanjiro or Rengoku swords, and continue from that.


What is the strongest Nichirin sword?

Inosuke dual blades are extremely powerful and can easily slice demons. Yellow Nichirin blade wielded by Zenitsu also comes as potentially the most powerful one, as well as black Tanjiro's sword and Shinobu's Stinger Nichirin Katana.

What does Nichirin mean?

Nichirin means sun or solar blade.

What is the rarest Nichirin sword color?

Black Nichirin swords are the rarest because wielders who use these swords always die young and never become a Hashira.