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Collection: Muichiro Sword - Attractive Anime Katana Replica


Are you searching for a cool Katana for your next cosplay? Are you a big fan of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer manga? We have just the right gem for your - gorgeous Muichiro sword for your collection, 

Check out Muichiro Tokito sword in our store and find what you are searching for! Ensure all eyes are on you with an unsharpened or battle-ready Demon Slayer Muichiro sword!

Who is Muichiro Tokito?

In the Demon Slayer manga, Muichiro Tokito is a supporting character, a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, and a Mist Hashira order. It wields the original Nichirin Sword forged by Kanamori.

Muichiro Sword

Muichiro's sword is a standard-sized and shaped Katana. It is white, but the sword sometimes appears diamond blue in the anime. Because Muichiro is part of the Mist Hashira order, his sword has an inscription Destroyer of Demons on the blade.

The sword is elegant and has beautiful details, which makes it a must-have for every Demon Slayer collection. The tsuba features a regular rectangular shape and has tiny holes in the corners. The gold details on the corners make the sword more attractive. 

Moreover, the handle is beautiful with turquoise wrapping well blended with black cords and gold kashira. Unlike his eye-catching sword, Muichiro has a universal black sword sheath.

Muichiro sword color, a combination of pale white and diamond blue, stands for his mist-breathing style.

Muichiro Tokito Blade Powers

True fans look beyond the blade's appearance and appreciate the powers the blade has! Muichiro's blade, like other Nichirin swords, absorbs sunlight and can cut through demons. The wielder of the sword is Mist Hashira, so the sword represents versatility, immense power, and a mission to defeat demons and keep humanity safe.

Build Your Demon Slayer Sword Collection With Muichiro Sword

Swords have a special place in the anime and manga world, and their significance goes beyond lethal force. Collecting anime swords has become more exciting with the introduction of attractive and unique swords from Demon Slayer manga.

More than just anime swords, the blades in our shop are made with excellent swordmaking skills, and attention to detail. It increases the value of Demon Slayer swords beyond their connection with anime and makes you appreciate them for what they are - quality, battle-ready hand-forged swords with meticulous design.

Get the Whole Bundle

With the Muichiro sword, you can get a stand to showcase the beauty and authentic details of the sword. You can also get a sword maintenance kit to protect the swords from wear and tear.


Why are Nichirin swords special?

Nichirin swords are the only weapons capable of killing demons. All of them are made from special materials and with unique powers.

What sword did Muichiro take?

Muichiro Tokito takes standard Nichirin Katana as his weapon of choice.

How long is the Muichiro sword?

Since it is standard Katana in shape and size, the Muichiro sword is around 41 inches long with a 10-inch long handle.