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Collection: Mitsuri Sword - The Most Challenging Demon Slayer Sword to Make


Of all Demon Slayer swords in the popular manga series Kimetsu No Yaiba, the Mitsuri Kanroji sword might be the most difficult to recreate. 

The female Demon Slayer is one of the best swordswoman in the entire organization, because of her features and power of her sword.

What Makes the Mitsuri Sword Unique?

Mitsuiri swordsmith Tecchin Tecchikawahara crafted a unique thin and flexible Demon Slayer sword with a peculiar shape. Mitsuiri couldn't adapt to typical Flame breathing techniques, so her sword needed to be bendy. Some even refer to her sword as Mitsuri Bladed Whip, because it is the fastest sword! 

But, essentially Mitsuri blade is a pinkish Katana with a uniquely shaped tsuba with multiple leaves. The four clover leaves are pink in the middle and have yellow details.The words Destroy Demons are engraved.

Where to Buy a Mitsuri Sword?

You can find plastic sword replicas in toy departments. But only a few quality stores make authentic copies of this sword to please true sword lovers and anime fandom. 

If you want a fully functional sword to practice with or to add to your sword or anime props collection, pick carbon steel and look for details on the tsuba. Hand-forged swords cost a bit more, but they have exceptional performance, hardness, and flexibility to match the real fantasy Mitsuri sword. 

Collection of Demon Slayer Swords

Collecting swords is a rewarding hobby, especially if you get your hands on every sword in a specific category. Our collection of Demon Slayer Nichirin swords consists of quality replicas of the weapons wielded by the main and supporting characters in the Kimetsu No Yaiba manga. 

The swords are made with great attention to detail and authentic ornaments as described in the Manga series. Some of the most popular Demon Slayer swords such as Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Mitsuri swords are next level of craftsmanship and valuable collectibles. 

Moreover, since the Nichirin swords are Katanas, they are also great for general Katana and Japanese swords collectors, and practical use for different martial arts. Whether you want to display them, practice with them, or gift them, our store will have something for you!


Does Mitsuri's sword exist in real life?

Kalaripayattu is a not very popular martial art that uses a flexible, almost whip-like, curved Katana sword, like the one Mitsuri Kanroji wields in the manga.

Is Mitsuri's sword Urumi?

Some weapon analysts believe that the inspiration for the Mitsuri Kanroji sword in Kimetsu No Yaiba might also be a thin, long, and flexible ancient sword from South India. 

Why is Mitsuri's katana flexible?

Because Nichirin swords are made to resemble the personality of the wielder, each sword has unique features. Mitsuri has unusual flexibility and muscle density, which makes her strong, fast, and flexible like no other Demon Slayer in the Corps. Moreover, her Love Breathing technique focuses on exceptional love and compassion and connects her to her sword. Some believe it is the reason why her sword is pinkish.