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Collection: Medieval Sword - An Ode to Violent, Dark Ages

Whether you are collecting swords as part of a hobby, or you are a serious collector, medieval swords deserve a special place. If you are looking for medieval swords for sale, here is what you need to know and what this article will cover:

  • Medieval sword - the features and appearance

  • Types of Medieval Swords

  • How to pick a medieval sword for use and collection

What Qualifies as a Medieval Sword?

The medieval era or Middle Ages, from 500 AD to 1500, generated different weapons worth admiration because of their functionality and aesthetics. Swords are a special category, as they were the most common weapons of both knights and foot soldiers. 

They used it in a variety of ways, for cutting, parrying, thrusting, stabbing, etc. Medieval knight sword is a symbol of chivalry and honor. If you are expanding your Medieval collection with a new item, consider getting a sword as a central piece.

Typical Features of Medieval Swords

Most medieval swords were around four feet long, designed for extended reach. The blade was a maximum of three feet long, and wide, often with a double edge and pointy tip to expand the use of the sword.

Most soldiers used medieval swords with two hands, but a one-handed function was also an option.

Swords often featured a straight blade, with a cruciform hilt. Besides crossbows, spears, mase, and axes, swords were respected for their features and functionality.

Medieval Sword Variations

There are numerous variations of medieval swords, and some of the most recognizable swords of all time fall into this category. 

Longsword, characterized by its long and thin blade, was one of the most common types, alongside broadswords, with a significantly wider blade. Saber swords and daggers were also modified to meet the different needs of warriors and a heavy rapier with a long reach was common in medieval duels. Falchion was the weapon of choice in the 12th century, and peasants used billhooks for their free combat style.

How to Pick Medieval Swords?

Medieval swords are popular among martial artists, medical items collectors, swords and weapon collectors, etc. Therefore, there is a broad market for these swords, but not all of them qualify as authentic.

Here is what to look for in your medieval sword:

  • High-carbon steel swords are the highest quality

  • Look for a well-balanced sword if you plan to use it for training

  • Long swords are suitable for stronger wielders

If you plan to use it for your martial arts practice, keep the following in mind when picking a sword from our extensive medical sword collection or any other:

  • Consider your height and physical strength

  • Determine the exact sword type you need


How much is a medieval sword?

Medieval swords can cost as low as $30 or as high as $3,000 for some unique collectibles. Famous ceremonial and coronation swords are priced at several million.

Is it legal to own a medieval sword?

The legislation depends on the state and strictly states how the blades should be stored, often with a sheath.

Can you buy real medieval swords?

Real medieval swords are expensive and rare because they are part of private collections or museum exhibitions.